The Pizza Slice Approach to Great Sales Copy

I’ve recently started working on a personal writing project. This can be tough for me to do because I always have a lot of copywriting projects going, along with other content that needs to be written for my business.

So how do I fit this new personal project into my already busy writing schedule? It’s simple. I just fall back on one of the copywriting tips I make sure I remind you of at least once a year.

I call it my pizza slice approach to sales writing.

Let’s face it. If you’re a marketing pro you’re constantly under the gun to create new sales content for your crowd.

However, it can be challenging to make the time to write all the marketing materials you need—and that’s where my pizza slice approach can really help you.

More Productivity Without All the Calories

Never look at your content writing from the viewpoint that you have hours and hours of work ahead of you. You’ll immediately feel overwhelmed and jam yourself up.

Instead, find a 20-minute “slice of time” once or twice a day to write. It could be first thing in the morning or the first 20 minutes after lunch.

It can even be during the last 20 minutes of your day, or 20 minutes before you hit the sack at night.

Just pick one or two 20-minute slices of time each day that work for you. I’m using this approach right now with my new personal writing project and it’s working out great.

Here’s the trick. During each 20-minute slice go all out with your writing. No phone calls, no texting, no goofing off! Stay in the game and jam big time for 20 minutes. Then you can get back to your other tasks.

In only 10 days my pizza slice approach adds up to 200 minutes of writing. Make time for two slices a day and 10 days yields 400 minutes of new sales copy.

See how fast it adds up?

You’ll be amazed when you realize how much writing you can get done using my 20-minute pizza slice approach. It really does work!

It doesn’t taste as good as real pizza, but over a 10-day span you can cook up some great results, and it doesn’t make you fat.

So stop putting off those sales writing projects that are lingering on your to-do list.

Take action and start writing in 20-minute slices today. In a month that blog, video script and website copy will go from being rough concepts to revenue-generating marketing tools.

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About the author: Casey Demchak


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