3 Keys to Writing Love-Based Copy

If you’re like most conscious, heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, healers, coaches, speakers and authors, you probably have a love-hate relationship with direct response copy (which is copy pieces like emails and online sales letters that inspire you to take action, nothing to do with protecting your intellectual property or putting a copyright on something).

You know direct response copy can help you grow your business and get your gifts out into the world in a bigger way, (not to mention bring to life that elusive “make money while you sleep” notion you keep hearing about). But it makes you feel “yucky” — doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel authentic to you, your business or your brand, and even feels slime-y and sales-y.

So what do you do?

Until now, your choices were to suck it up or just suffer knowing you’re never going to grow your business, or make the big difference you were meant to make. But with love-based copywriting, all that changes.

Now you can enjoy the results of direct response copywriting without suffering through the icky-ness. And that’s because a lot of traditional direct response copy is fear-based, which means it triggers emotions like fear, guilt and shame. But you don’t have to trigger those emotions, you can instead trigger love-based emotions such as love, hope and respect.

So how do you do that? Below are 3 keys to get you started.

1. Know who your ideal clients are. I prefer ideal clients over target markets or niche markets because to me, target markets and niche markets don’t go far enough. They focus more on the external, a description of who you’re here to serve. I want you to go deep, really feel who they are. Know what motivates them, what their values are, what moves them, what keeps them up at night. I want you to know them like you would a friend. The good, the bad and the ugly.

2. Know what their pain is (or what’s keeping them up at night). There’s a lot of confusion that fear-based copy means tapping into their pain. I don’t believe that’s true. My belief is pain is a part of life — and even more than that, pain is a part of growth. Suffering, on the other hand, is different. For the most part, suffering takes place in our heads. Fear-based emotions take over to make the pain worse.

Fear-based copy causes suffering. Love-based copy acknowledges the pain (because to not acknowledge the pain is disrespectful — your ideal clients are most definitely in pain and to not talk about it or to brush it aside is almost as bad as deliberately making it worse). Love-based copy also shares a solution where they can get out of pain if they so choose. That’s the difference.

3. Write to your ideal client like you would a friend. Remember where I said you should know your ideal client like you do a friend? This is why — I want you to know your ideal client like you do your friend because when you sit down to write to your ideal client, it’s like writing to a friend.

I want your ideal prospects to feel all your passion and energy around helping them get past what’s keeping them up and night so they can sleep. When you do that, you naturally start to move away from the fear-based emotions and into love-based.

And doesn’t that feel good?


About the author: Michele Pariza Wacek


Considered one of the hottest marketing strategists today, Michele PW has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results. She is the owner and founder of Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, which is the premiere international direct response copywriting and marketing company around. She’s also a national speaker and author, plus her client list reads like the “Who Who’s” list of Internet marketing.

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