Set yourself for success with these skills as a freelancer in 2020

By the year 2022, the ratio of freelancers available for hire will increase by more than 50% in the United States. Presently, there are about half of the millenary involved in freelance marketing both for the full time or as a side hustle. However, becoming a freelancer is one thing but having the skills to be a successful freelancer in 2020 is a whole other kettle of fish.

Let’s have a look at these set of skills that are in demand in order to become a successful freelancer in 2020

Voice-over Artists

Nowadays, voiceover artists are in great demand. With the arrival of podcasts, narrative videos, and audiobooks, where narrating holds great importance, there’s more demand for narrative artists.

Blockchain Services

Bitcoin transactions are becoming increasingly popular and have attracted many professionals in the industry to open up their services. A blockchain is a database which is based on Bitcoin Protocol. The database is shared by various participants taking part in it. Not only technology experts demand blockchain freelancers in 2020 but also various consultancies are also hiring the blockchain service providers. 

Video Scriptwriting

Home-made videos have become very popular over the years. Whether that’s makeup tutorials, videos on travelling or lifestyle and cookery videos, the list is endless. This area requires good scriptwriters to make things interesting. Not to mention professionals who can write accurate subtitles in a short period of time.

Augmented Reality 

It’s the next fast-progressing job demand for freelancers. Augmented reality is a technological service that changes the user’s vision of the physical world with various audio or visual effects. As more companies are introducing special effects to their advertising agenda, there is an increase in demand for professionals.

Video Editing

Freelance video editors are also getting more work, thanks to websites such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. The people who have good video-editing skills and are providing freelance services in this area, they can have the chance of hired back by most of the big business organizations.

Web Content Copywriting

Copywriters who specialise in web content copy are regularly hired to work on projects. They specialize in writing the descriptions for a number of products and services for the webpage. The charges vary depending on the level of experience and skill of the freelance copywriter. 

Social media managing skillsSocial media managing skills 

Every business is on at least one social media platform. It’s almost impossible for businesses to succeed without one. With that, there is a massive opportunity for those who provide freelance social media managing services to brands and companies. The prominent companies and the corporate world always look for the authentic social media managers who can promote their products and services online and help them in generating leads.

Art skills 

The design studios or the art employers look for freelance writing services in the art field also. Freelancer providing art services can also be hired by various art studios. 

Content management skills 

The people who provide freelance services in managing the blogs, podcasts, videos or other content on the internet in the most productive way, they will have the highest demand in the employment sector and also now these freelancers are in great demand. 

Microsoft Power BI specializing skills

Freelancers in 2020 who know how to use Microsoft Power BI to create reports and dashboards have higher chances of getting selected by the various corporate companies.

Information security skills 

Companies are also seeking information security specialists who can provide information on how to back fit the privacy procedures. Not to mention having skills in using the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In general, there’s a job for various cybersecurity experts.

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