How to Start and Run a Blog from Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for staying connected with the rest of the world through social media, calls, and texts. They are also helpful for online shopping and capturing moments through photos and videos among other tasks. But, did you know that you can start and run a blog from your smartphone? While it might seem intimidating due to its small size, smartphones have rapidly evolved over time. They are now more versatile and functional than ever before. You can easily store and transfer information on your smartphone including notes, photos, and videos. What’s better, they are highly portable, enabling you to do so much on the go. Here are a number of ways to start a blog and do blog-related tasks on your smartphone.

Sync your blog in your email

If you already have a blog that you run from your computer, you can sync it to your email and start using your smartphone to publish new blog posts. What you have to do is to log in to your blog on your computer and go to the settings section. Navigate the settings to find the “Email” or “Email and Mobile” option depending on your blogging platform. Once you find the option, enter an email address that you will be sending your blog posts to from your phone. Fill in any other additional information that might be required and save the settings. The next step is to open your email from your smartphone and go to compose a new email message. What you input as the subject is your blog post title and what you input in the body of the email is your blog post. Lastly, send your blog post to the email address that you provided and it will be published on your blog.

Start blogging with blogging apps

You don’t necessarily need to have a blog all ready to start blogging on your smartphone. You can easily start one from scratch from your smartphone. What you need is to download a blogging application on your phone. The application that you download is the one that meets your needs. Some applications allow users to manage readers’ comments; others have a feature for customizing photos and the like. After downloading the application of your choice, you will need to open it and navigate to the option for writing a new blog post. From there you can edit, add visuals and publish your blog posts. Some of the applications that you can consider include WordPress, BlogPress, iBlogger, and more.

Use your smartphone to do your research and plan your content

As a blogger, one aspect of running your blog is researching for your blog articles. You can do this easily from your smartphone. The good thing about smartphone browsers is that you can create bookmarks and save the pages just as you would from a computer. If an idea comes up when you are out and about, you can research more on it and save or bookmark the pages that you find helpful. In addition, you can download apps on your smartphone to help you plan content for your next blog post on the go.

However, you need internet access to do your research. Subscribing to a data plan is a perfect option when you need to do research on the go. In this case, a SIM-only deal can be ideal for you. This is a monthly plan that lets you pay for minutes, data, and texts that you use on the SIM card. This gives you easier and affordable access to the internet when your WIFI is at home.

Promote your blog on social media

Everyone is on social media these days, which makes it the best avenue to communicate and promote businesses to large audiences. One of the best ways to popularize your blog is by sharing it on social media platforms. You can make posts about your blog, reposting blog posts, and share links to your articles on social media. Some of the popular social media platforms are only accessible on smartphones. Using your smartphone gives you access to a variety of platforms and features that you can use to widen your reach to your target audiences.

Leverage voice-to-text apps on your smartphone

This feature comes in handy when creating your blog post. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to do all the heavy typing for your blog posts. You only have to narrate what you want to write and it is converted to text. You can then do some editing and transfer it to where you are writing your blog article.

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If the lack of a computer has been the reason why you halted your plans for starting a blog, now you know that you can totally start and run a blog on your smartphone. Moreover, if you already have a blog, you can leverage different apps and features on your smartphone to make your blogging easier and possible on the go.