5 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Impact Your Brand Sales

When expert promoters want to create new social media marketing strategies, they first check the statistics. The current and trending statistics is often the standard that evaluates the performance of your brand. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the most relevant and important statistics that you need to know about if you want to create effective social media marketing strategies.

Why social media for Marketing?

According to Statista, there were over 4.2 billion registered users on social media websites worldwide, as of early 2020. The previous year, the social media user demography included 90.4% of Millennials, around 77.5% of Generation X and a surprising 48.2% of Baby Boomers, according to eMarketer reports. Out of these around 54% of social media users use the platforms to search for consumer products, as per the Globe Web Index report. The study also highlighted that every person spends an average 2 hours 25 minutes on social media and networking apps daily. In 2020, almost 1.3 million new users registered with social media sites every single day.

Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg of marketing opportunities that are available with the various other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Lastly, here are a few major benefits of an effective social media marketing strategy:

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Increase audience reach
  • Improve consumer communications
  • Grow website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Boost sales and profits

Top 5 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Brand Sales

Now that you have had a glimpse of the immense sales and marketing potential of social media platforms, let’s take a detailed look at our top 5 most effective marketing tips to boost brand sales:

1 – Create platform-specific marketing strategies for every social media platform

Every social media platform operates in a unique way. Each has its own permutation and combinations of algorithms, layout, buttons, content, etc. Every platform offers its own singular nuances for excellent content marketing and consumer engagement.

This is not to say that you should have a marketing strategy for EVERY social media platform, but only for those where you find your target audience. For such platforms, you will need to create innovative and effective marketing strategies.

A simple way to create marketing strategies specific for any platform is within the answer to these questions:

  • Why are you using this particular social media site?
  • Who do you want to connect with on this social media site?
  • Who kind of content works best for marketing on this social media site?
  • How can you make unique, engaging content on this social media site?

When you answer these questions, the groundwork for your marketing strategy for the specific social media platform will become apparent.

If you are a beginner, then keep in mind that quality content is more engaging than the quantity of content. So, even if you post infrequently, make sure that your posts are top quality for maximum impact. Small business owners are advised to start on a single social media platform and then slowly expand into others if your consumer demography requires it.

2 – Keep posts regular for optimal consumer engagement

Every social media platform’s criterion for tagging content as spam is different. Hence, you need to ensure that you are posting regularly but well within the spam limit for the particular platform.

For instance, Twitter and Instagram Stories require you to post several times a day to ensure maximum audience engagement. However, others like Instagram Posts and Facebook updates don’t require uploading new content too frequently.

So, when you are planning the uploading phase, make sure to keep the frequency of posts according to the particular platform’s algorithm, post in chronological order and other curating factors. Thus, an ideal social media marketing plan should clearly show:

  • The best frequency of uploading posts based on the particular social media platform’s algorithm
  • The type of content which garners maximum impact on the specific social media platform
  • The consumer audience you wish to target through your social media marketing plan

There are tens of thousands of competitors on social media. To make sure your post doesn’t get lost among the thousand others, it is essential to create top-quality content and post it at an ideal pace.

3 – Use visual storytelling as the ideal tool for creating engaging, innovative content

It is easy to find a tool that can help you create stunning visual content without much effort. As we mentioned earlier, the majority of video-based ads have the most impact on all social media platforms. There are millions of different ads out on the internet, so you need to ensure that your visual content stands out from the rest. This is a good way to motivate your potential consumer to take a step closer and become a full-time customer.

It’s all about the emotions at work. Expert marketers can’t emphasize enough the importance of storytelling over statistics. Consumers aren’t attracted by numbers; they want an interesting story. This is one of the main reasons that the majority of online ads today pull at your heartstrings, irrespective of the industry the product is meant for.

4 – Keep track of what’s trending online

Once you have decided the type of content that is most effective according to the particular social media platform, the next step is to check the trending topics on the site. If you notice a trend that aligns with your vision then there’s no harm is utilizing the golden opportunity and milk it for all it’s worth. However, always make sure to align with trends that are relevant to your industry and consumer audience.

5 – Remember to measure and analyze marketing results

It is extremely crucial to monitor the performance of your marketing strategy. This is the best way to analyze its strengths and potential weaknesses. The feedback from users and real-time statistics are incredibly powerful indicators to improve your marketing strategy for maximum impact and desirable results.

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Thanks to social media platforms it’s possible to connect with millions of consumers worldwide without the expense of TV ads. The popularity of social media platforms as a medium for shopping is obvious to everyone. So, it makes perfect sense to capitalize on this amazing opportunity and hire the most reliable, expert and effective social media marketing team and ensure that your brand receives wider attention and your sales get a significant boost.