Social Media Strategies You Should Know for 2021

Navigating the world of social media can be daunting. That’s why we’re sharing our tips on how to build a Social Media plan that can help you define your brand’s targets, increase audience engagement and maximize your social marketing strategy for 2021.

What is the job of a strategist for social media?

Social Media Managers are Social Media Specialists who plan, create, and execute the organization’s overall social media strategy. They help to promote and enhance its online presence and digital marketing activities in general.

How to develop a plan for social media

A social media strategy outlines all your social media targets. As well as this, it controls your decisions and helps you to know whether you succeed.

The more precise the strategy, the more successful it becomes. Do not create unattainable goals in your strategy.

  1. Choose content targets for social media that fulfil company goals.
  2. Know about your audience about what you can.
  3. Research and learn about your competition.
  4. Make an audit of social media.
  5. Create accounts and enhance profiles.
  6. Check inspiration.
  7. Creates a calendar of social media material.
  8. Assess the plan and adapt it.

Set your objectives

Your first port-of-call is to decide your priorities: What do you want from social media? Each of your targets should be SMART and consistent with your overall marketing goals. This might include:

Sales and lead generation

  • Increase your website or unique website segment traffic
  • increase the audience of your brand
  • Improved supporters
  • Increased participation in social media
  • Age
  • Rental
  • Title of job or industry
  • Interest

 Pick your social media platform wisely

You will have a clearer understanding of which social media platform is best once you have outlined your target audience. While your audience might be on Facebook, would they look at work-related content outside of their working hours? Or would it be better to place the ad on Linkedin?

Seek out your rivals

Do you know what your competitors are up? Why not check out their social media platforms. Points to note:

  • What is their content?
  • How many times are they posting?
  • What are their publishing hours or days?
  • How many times do they interact?
  • What hashtags are they using in the industry?

Start building your social media schedule

All your data has now been processed. This is where the fun begins. This stage is where you can start thinking about what you post and when to post it. In addition to specific strategies, here is our entire process:

Come to a subject of content

Creating new content to publish regularly can be very difficult. Creating a structure and topic helps form a weekly framework for your social content. The structure can be created based on weekly blog posts, ad campaigns, future events, company news or product releases.

Creating a calendar of social media material

It is possible to lose track of strategy and targets, especially if you are managing more than one social media profile. Preparing content weeks in advance can also sound daunting, which is why your saviour is a content calendar. You can use Trello or Sprout Social, or you can build a trusty Excel spreadsheet.

Try this out:

Define your schedule based on data research of the best time and day to publish a post.

  • Adapt post for each social channel – network cross-posting is bad practice. Make sure your articles are customized and optimized, not just copying and pasting on individual sites.
  • Prepare your goals for content. Mix and match organic and promotional material.
  • Keep track of the post’s data. See which ones are doing well and which are less interesting for your audience.

 Creating and curating interesting material

From here on out, it should be a lot simpler for you to create content.

The material you produce should be high quality, appealing and informative for your audience. Here are some content ideas you should consider:

  1. Videos – video already dominates the digital world. If you haven’t already started making video content, you’re missing a trick.
  2. Photography – This helps to actualise your brand.
  3. Corporate news – post exciting news on your feeds such as new opportunities, staff events or office life.
  4. Blog updates – Share articles on your social media feeds.
  5. Free resources – because who doesn’t love free stuff? Why not create informative infographics or research articles or even a how-to e-book.

Review and change your plan

This is the most critical move in terms of social media success. The best social media marketers also rely on trial and error – it’s ok if you don’t get it right the first time. Monitor your performance and evaluate the data.

A great social media strategy in 2021 is ever-changing and involves continuous work but with these basic tips, you can create a solid base for your social campaigns.

About the Author

Genc Emini has a reputation as a true innovator in the industry thanks to his inherent curiosity and willingness to take calculated risks that have resulted in some remarkable successes. He also works for Ajroni Web Agency. Fluency in Albanian, English, and Italian has facilitated Genc’s communication with clients from around the globe. In addition, Genc is passionate about photography, travelling, and reading.