Psychological copywriting hacks

Copywriting can feel like one of those elusive skills that only the chosen few can hack. However, anyone can hack copywriting if they put their minds to it. This is not a skill reserved for a few; you too can truly possess it and be great at it through the psychology of copywriting.

So what is this magic that copywriters possess? How do they know the right thing to write and what time and how to write it? How is it possible that they can effortlessly increase conversations and magically convert words into gold?

Well, it’s because they’ve mastered copywriting hacks, and as you know, practice makes perfect. Wouldn’t it be nice to be as good as the professionals?

Let’s look at psychological copywriting hacks provided by nursing assignment experts that will make you a professional in no time.

Illusory truth

Illusory truth is like a shortcut our brains use to make decisions without going through an entire decision-making process. It is a psychological hack that gives our concepts and ideas weight, especially the ones we’ve heard over and over again.

Research shows that people tend to relate repeated statements to the truth. A survey was conducted where participants were asked to rate how true they thought different statements were.

Some statements were stated only once, while others were repeated several times. The study found out that people tend to associate repetition of statements with the truth.

As Dale Carnegie said, “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” Apply this same principle when writing your copy.


When you rhyme, you give your writing a quirky air and it becomes fun to read. However, did you know that rhyming gives your copy validity as well? You heard that right! No wonder poetry has such a huge impact in movements and revolutions.

A study conducted at Lafayette College showed that students’ perceptions of accuracy were greatly impacted by poetic form. Rhythm versions of different statements rank more accurate in people’s brains.

This is because rhythm allows our brains to digest statements more fluently and this translates to truthfulness. Use rhythm in your copy to boost its validity and add eccentricity to your writing voice.

Serial positioning

As you know, most people online scan text rather than read verbatim. That is why using bullet point and numbering is a good way to make your article easily consumable. You should also make a habit of using short paragraphs because long blocks of text discourage people from reading.

Aside from adhering to this format, you should also put some thought into where information is placed within the format. Psychologists have studied the serial positioning effect and have concluded that people tend to have an easy time recalling information when it was delivered in list form.

Additionally, they associate lists with accuracy, in that the words at the beginning and at the end of the list feel more accurate than the ones in the middle. These phenomena are referred to as primacy and recency respectively.

As you write your copy, make sure you begin with the most important points. The beginning and the end of each article you write on should be accurate and impressive.


Finally, we have justification, which is backed up by the Xerox line study. It is an experiment that dates back to 1978 and it illustrates the effects of using justification.

The study reveals that people were willing to let others jump the line as long as they had valid justification.

Most people refuse to let something slide if there is no justification for why a person did it. For instance, if you say you want to jump the Xerox line because you are in a hurry, a good number of people would let you go first. However, if you were in a hurry but did not mention it, then chances are many people would not let you jump the line.

Because should be your go-to word when you want to write a persuasive copy. Tell your readers why they should take the action you’re recommending.

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As you can see, copywriting is not rocket science. All you need to do is learn the hacks that make your copy stand out. Always give justification for actions you’re recommending to make your copy persuasive and strive for rhythm.

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