Why is a Trusted Paraphraser in the Writing Community?

Writers are always on the hunt to find some easy hacks to make their work easier. Sometimes they’re dealing with the worst writer’s block, or they’re simply working to a strict deadline. If you’re a writer and feel like you’re stuck in the middle of your path, we’ve good news for you. There are tons of online paraphrasing tools that go a long way to help writers improve on a daily basis. With so much variety online, it can be a tedious task for you to find the right tool. We have the right one for you. is one of the most trusted tools available today for all writers. Read below and find out why this AI tool is the best bet for the entire writing community.

What is A Quick Overview is the newest online paraphrasing tool website that has gained great popularity on the Internet in just a few months.

Among the numerous online paraphrasing programs that exist today, this tool has asserted itself as the most intelligent paraphrasing program, constantly adding new features to surprise and facilitate its users.

Starting out as a simple paraphraser, this tool has greatly evolved over time and developed other amazing writing tools for authors, such as:

  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Summarizer
  • Translator

The paraphrasing tool uses artificial intelligence to rephrase the existing text so that it sounds like a text written by humans. It does this by rearranging the word order, changing the sentence structure, and replacing words with synonyms.

Perhaps the best part of its popularity is that it is free to use, which is very rare in tools that boast artificial intelligence to rewrite content. If we compare it with the top-performing tools, like Quillbot, this tool wins the game.’s paraphrasing tool features: Best for writers

Now that you know what is and what services it offers to writers. It’s time to unveil its paraphrasing tool’s features and find out why it claims to be the best-trusted tool for the writing community and whether or not it is worth using the tool for them.

So, let’s find out.

5 paraphrasing modes

This paraphrasing tool offers writers 5 different paraphrasing modes to rewrite the old material into an exclusive and new version of it.

Its five paraphrasing modes are what make this tool exceptional from the rest of the crowd. It is important to understand how these modes work and how writers can make the most out of this smart utility.

Let’s discuss each mode one by one.


Text Improver – helps writers to improve the work quality


This is the first rewrite mode you’ll find right after opening the website. As the name suggests, this mode helps writers improve the quality of their texts. Writers are busy people. As soon as they have an idea and sit down to write, their fingers automatically trip over the keyboards. They write the sentences as they come to mind, without focusing on sentence structure and fluency.

This is the reason why they need a text editor at the end of writing. The text improver feature of this paraphrasing tool can help writers do that. When you finish your work, you can simply put it into this mode and see how it improves your text without spending much time.

This makes a few changes to your work to improve its quality. If it makes no changes to your text, congratulations, your text is already well-written.


Near Human – helps writers to generate human-readable text


The second mode of this paraphrasing tool is near human, meaning that it rewrites the input text in a way that sounds as if it is written by a professional author.

This mode makes minor alterations in the text without changing the original meaning and affecting its readability. See how it works:


Plagiarism remover – save writers from duplication issues


Plagiarism is a major concern of today’s writers. They are expected to come up with unique content as Google and other search engines only appreciate original ideas.

Well, it is challenging for writers to generate fresh content every time, particularly when they are working on the same topic repeatedly. This mode’s name indicates what it does. This paraphrasing mode is a lifesaver for all writers that are afraid of committing plagiarism.

It flips the existing text by either switching its words with suitable synonyms or making changes in its structure in a way that leaves no room for similarities. Thus, it is a great service to avoid the plagiarism plague.

This is how this mode works:

To ensure that this mode genuinely removes the plagiarism, we took the output paragraph and checked its plagiarism. This was the result:

No plagiarism was found against this paragraph. Thus, this trusted paraphrasing tool meets the expectations of writers to lead them to make their writing plagiarism free.


  • Creative – helps writers get their creative juices flowing


It’s normal for writers to struggle with the dreaded writer’s block. This paraphrasing tool helps writers in this case as well.

The creative mode helps kick start their writing process when they feel stuck. It does this by providing unique and creative ways to express old and repeated ideas.

This mode makes more changes in the text than any other paraphrasing mode, helping writers explore different and creative ways to present their thoughts.



  • Sentence rephraser – polish up the individual sentences


This mode is just superb. No writer would have thought of rephrasing the complete paragraphs, articles, or blog posts sentence by sentence. This mode helps writers to take a complete hold on their writing because they can rephrase sentences of their choice.

Yes, you read it right.

Enter the complete text in this mode, double tap the sentence and click on the paraphrasing icon and see how it rewrites multiple versions of one sentence.

This mode offers a maximum of 10 different versions of one sentence. Amazing right?

Other features of that work great for writers

This intelligent paraphraser has gained much popularity not only because of its distinct modes but also because of its other unique features for writers such as:


  • Word’s synonyms and definitions – better vocabulary & saves time


Anyone who writes needs a handy dictionary and spends a lot of time searching for word meanings and definitions. This paraphrasing service helps with that, too.

It provides you with the most accurate and relevant meanings of selected words, which you can use to improve and expand your vocabulary over time. Besides, you won’t have to go to other tabs to find out the meaning and definition of different words.


  • Quick summary generator – better grasp the main idea of lengthy papers


In addition to excellent paraphrasing services, this tool offers writers the possibility to create a complete overview of the entered text. The icon at the bottom right is used to create a summary of the entered text. This feature helps writers to capture all the important points of an article in a short time.


  • Title generator – generate attention-grabbing titles


Perhaps titles are something that can make or break the quality of your written work. Including attractive headings and subheadings is the most useful and technical approach that writers must never overlook.

This paraphraser creates accurate and attention-grabbing headings for the entered text that can instantly spruce up your work in no time.

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Final words

Above we’ve discussed the best features of the paraphrasing tool from It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this paraphrasing tool is just perfect to overcome all the hurdles that appear on the way to all writing communities.

No doubt, this all-in-one paraphrasing tool is making a great contribution to the writer’s writing journey. So, whether you are dealing with writer’s block, time issues or you are just not confident enough in your writing style, this paraphrasing tool can be useful.

Thankfully, it is not only an exclusive paraphraser, the writers can get more out of it such as a grammar checker and summarizer. So, we see there is literally no reason to not give it a try.