Top 5 paraphrasing tools to strengthen your copywriting skills

Some paraphrasing tools have great importance in the copywriting field to make your work engaging and appealing. For example, a copywriter has to write multiple blogs and articles on the same topic or related topics.

In such a case, he might use repeated words in all of his blogs. To avoid these problems, he can pick a specific tool named the Paraphrasing tool.

Here you will learn what paraphrasing tools are and the list of best tools for your work.

What are Paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing tools are specifically designed to reword your content to make it unique, engaging, and appealing. It is common to get self-plagiarism in the writings when you have to write on the same topic many times.

With a paraphrasing tool, you can eliminate this issue from your work and make it unique. A writer can do this task with few clicks of your mouse. He can make his writings comprehensive to leave a good impact on readers.

It might not be easy for a writer to proofread and extract all those words that he has used previously. It will take much time for the person and become a hurdle in his task.

Being a writer, you can solve this problem just by using this tool.

It will give you a unique copy of your writings within few minutes. So, you don’t have to worry about the repetition of words in your task.

The only task you have to do is to pick a tool that will be reliable for your project. Unfortunately, due to the availability of many tools, it also has become difficult to extract such tools.

Therefore, we have made a list of the best five tools that you can use to rewrite your content. Let’s look at the following section to explore what features these tools have to offer you.

List of the best paraphrasing tools

No doubt, there are dozens of paraphrasing tools available to given them a chance. Therefore, we have researched a prominent number of tools and compare their results.

In the end, we have picked the following five tools best of all that we have used. You must read about them if you want to make your copywriting skills better and impactful.




Prepostseo is a brand that is offering multiple tools to deal with writing and other online fields. A paraphrasing tool by this platform is the best of all because of its features.

We have placed this tool on the top because it is offering versatile functions for all users. Whether you are a copywriter or student, you can use this tool to reword your document.

The main reason behind this is different working modes. You can switch any of them just according to the nature of the content you want to make unique.

In addition to this, it is a free tool that does not even need registration. It means that you only have to browse this tool and start working with it.

The tool will first understand your content and then rewrite it using AI-based working. It means that the final content you will get has most of the natural words.

This tool will only use the words just according to the meanings of the context. Furthermore, you will get an extensive word count for every single turn.

No matter how much word count you have to rewrite, you can use this tool as many times as you need. In this way, this tool will not leave you in between when you are looking for better copywriting.

This paraphrasing tool will also enable you to compare the old and new content by showing the results side by side. In short, it is the best tool when you want to get unique work that will be readable too.




In the second place, we have the tool to rewrite your content without changing its meanings. Thus, you can complete the process of paraphrasing in three simple steps.

First of all, you have to input the content in the given text insertion box. You can do this by copying and pasting the content or uploading the document directly.

After this, you have to click on the “Paraphrase Now” button. The tool will find appropriate synonyms just according to the nature of the entire text. Then, it will replace all those words and show you a unique copy of your file.

You only have to copy that or download it to use anywhere you want. In addition, the tool is made faster to complete your work within a fraction of a second.

In the paraphrased text box, you will also get some bold words. These are the words that the tool has replaced in your original content.

With this, you can quickly look at what changes it has made and correct them if you found some mistakes. In short, this tool has made the rewording task more accessible and fast at the same time.


  • is another efficiently working tool in this field. It has helped a lot of copywriters because of its human-friendly conversion.

With this tool, you can rephrase your text without taking care of any issues. It will only replace those words from your content that it will find perfect to use.

In addition, you can use this paraphrasing tool in more than ten languages. So whether you are looking to rewrite an English article or Dutch, it will rephrase your words to make the content unique.

This paraphraser is the best one when you are looking to get high-quality outcomes from your given data. Then, you only have to paste the content to start the process or upload the file directly.

It will show all those phrases in the coloured form in the paraphrased box to clarify what changes it has done. After that, the text will be fine enough to use it any place you want without any issue.

You only have to copy the text and paste it into your desired document.

If you have limited words to rewrite, then you should choose this tool. It is because it won’t allow you to check more words than its limit in all of its modes.

The maximum number of words that you can paraphrase with this tool in a single turn is 1000. You have to browse this paraphraser again and again if you have excessive words to check.

Also, you have to face watch advertisement banners everywhere on your screen while using this tool. It is a central problem of this tool and why we have placed it in the third position.

Overall, you will not find any tool efficient and reliable than this tool. So, you can choose this tool if you want to get human-friendly words in your content to make it readable.




On the fourth position, we have a paraphrasing tool launched for every field without any discrimination. So it does not matter for what concerns you want to rewrite the content. You can choose this tool.

It has a simple user interface to make it reliable for everyone. You won’t have to face any problems while rewriting your content.

The tool will reword your content correctly to make this conversion harmless for the meanings of the content. Also, you can directly check the grammar of your content before and after paraphrasing.

In this way, there will be no need for any other tool to find errors in your work. The only problem with this tool is that you can’t compare the original and new text quickly.

You have to open the original document in a separate section to compare it with the new content. That is the only problem with this tool that restricts many bloggers or copywriters from using this tool.




If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to make your work unique and get reports, you must choose this paraphrasing tool. It is a tool to rewrite your content, but you can buy its subscription to get the plagiarism report.

Yes, you have to buy a subscription to use this tool correctly. In its free version, you won’t be able to get reliable outcomes.

That is the reason why we have spotted this tool in the fifth position. The working of this tool is pretty fast and straightforward to reword your content correctly.

Also, the display of the final and unique copy of your document will be good to view and check. If you can buy a subscription to this tool, you can use it without any problem.

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All the above tools are the best because of the features that we have adequately mentioned. These tools have many other features that you can explore by using them.

We recommend you use all of these by one to pick the best of all for your task. Indeed, you will get your desired feature in any of these.

In this way, you can improve your copywriting and learn how to write on the same topic by creating variations in the word selection.