Why good online copywriting makes a difference to your business

I’ve written many times about the importance of using quality copy on your website – and it’s something that many businesses now recognise – but what’s often overlooked is how well you write elsewhere online can also affect your company’s success.

Take, for example, your humble blog post. While most businesses want their home, about, services and contacts pages all written for them by a professional, they’ll often assume that they can muddle through with the blog themselves.

Sadly this regularly results in long gaps between posts as staff struggle to think up worthy topics and repeatedly the quality of grammar, punctuation and spelling is poor, thus undermining the company’s credibility. But even worse, because the poor staffer responsible doesn’t have any copywriting experience, they tend to be boring, don’t get read and therefore are a waste of time, sweat and tears.

And then we move on to the company newsletter.

Again these can become increasingly infrequent as some poor staff member tries to dream up worthy topics for a mailing list of clients and prospects. However, it’s the quality that once again can have the biggest impact.

A newsletter is a fantastic opportunity to remind prospects you’re still around, but more importantly it can help build credibility and also make sales. However, if you don’t have the skill to subtly engage, educate and persuade then once again it’s a missed opportunity.

One of the most popular online tools at the moment is the company video on a website. While your production company will have some fantastic ideas on how best to tell your story, leaving the actual words up to an animator or a director will likely lessen the impact it can have for you. A real shame, as videos can be an incredibly effective – if somewhat expensive – vehicle to portray your company.

So the next time you start an online marketing activity think whether it’s fair on your staff to expect them to write all the content themselves, or would you achieve much greater success by hiring a specialist copywriter to write the text for you?


About the author: Mike Robinson

I have an Honours Degree in English Literature from Edinburgh University, a Masters in Corporate Communications and of course I’m a qualified copywriter, but then giving you prose that’s powerful, grammatically correct and spelling error free should be the least of your expectations from a copywriting professional.

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