Member update

Here is a Member update for Copywriter Collective’s freelancers for the summer.
– Linkedin: Our Linkedin group has passed 5000 members. Have you used it? It’s a great place to find out what’s going on in copywriting, find more copywriting assignments and meet like-minded people. You can also post your own blog articles there to get more readers. It is a valuable resource for copywriters and clients alike and one of the biggest copywriting groups on Linkedin.
– New copywriting competition: This month’s competition is a slogan for a potentially-independent Britain. Enter here We hope the UK will remain in the EU for obvious reasons but at the moment it’s looking like it could go either way.

– Multiple profiles: Have you made your Collective profile in other languages yet? Or made one for your specialist discipline? The more specialised you are the more chance you have of getting assignments. Your specialism could be an industry you’ve had a great deal of experience in, or a hobby you take seriously. Tennis copywriter might not seem like it would get you much work but there are some big tennis brands out there and they want specialised talent.
If you are a freelance copywriter and would like to apply to join Copywriter Collective, please contact us using the contact form on this site.
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  1. Edward den Ouden
    Edward den Ouden says:

    SunWare. Campaign for a German manufaturer of (mobile) solar panels emtering marine and outdoor consumer markets.

  2. Edward den Ouden
    Edward den Ouden says:

    Tasty Club. Discover a shipload of restaurants in Amsterdam Area and later on in The Netherlands. In total we will produce 30 outdoor items.

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