Medical copywriters: the specialists among copywriters

Most copywriters are all-rounders. Whether it’s a car, a solar panel, or a jar of peanut butter: they always come up with a good idea and some sharp copy. However, you really need to know a bit about some products or industries before you can write about them. Medical and pharmaceutical texts, for example.

Marriage between science and advertising

Apparently they are miles apart – the worlds of the white coats and the quick-paced advertising boys. Because pharmaceutical companies don’t give doctors any of that advertising spiel, do they? This is about facts and figures, right? About thick research reports and test groups? Yes and no.

Naturally, the information about, for example, a new medicine must be correct. But just like cars, solar panels and peanut butter, the world has many pharmaceutical companies. So with the pharmaceutical companies, the following applies: how do I stand out and make sure that someone will prefer my product?

Branding is inevitable

The laws of branding and brand preference that apply to ‘regular’ brands are applicable to the medical industry. It’s all about brand awareness and visual signals that can be quickly recognized. So what is the big difference between an ordinary copywriter and a medical copywriter?

The difference lies in the complexity of the industry. Without knowledge, a medical examination is difficult to understand. Let alone one that you can clearly convey to a target group. That is why medical copywriters have often trained as a medical doctor, studied biology or biomedical sciences. They could also be trained as a medical journalist.

Get creative with powders and pills

It starts with understanding medical examinations. In addition, you must know all the regulations. After all, it is very important to know what you can and cannot promise about medicine. Of course, medical claims should not be misleading in any way.

Medical copy should never be misleading

Then the real work begins. How do you reduce all information to the essence? What’s the best way to translate it into a short and concise story? How do you ensure that your story stands out from the thousands of others that a general practitioner, specialist or pharmacist sees?

Now it comes down to the creativity and writing ability of the medical copywriter. Together with the designer, he or she ensures an attractively presented whole. Whether this is a mailing, brochure, landing page or social media post.

With each assignment, the medical copywriter combines basic scientific knowledge with a passion for healthcare and creative writing. That is the recipe for a powerful text aimed at the health sector.

For doctors or consumers?

The challenge with writing medical texts for the B2B market is to present complex information in an attractive way. In the business to the consumer market, it is mainly a matter of conveying the effect of a drug to ordinary people in a coherent and convincing way. The influence of the brand behind the product weighs more heavily here. Trust in the brand is very important to people when they choose a product from the drugstore or pharmacy.

As is often thought with business communication and advertising for serious products, it is not just about the ratio. Doctors and pharmacists are also people, with a rational and emotional side. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has convincingly demonstrated that decisions are mainly made in the subconscious, and are therefore emotionally driven.

Different clients for different medical copywriters

A medical copywriter works for a wide variety of clients, from hospitals to specialized practices, an institution for medical education or a scientific company that focuses on the fitness and wellness market. A medical publishing house or the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. All kinds of patient organizations or companies that develop medical technologies. Even though a medical copywriter works in a niche, the work is fortunately still very varied.

The type of assignment also varies enormously. If the target audience is professional, it will include study summaries, product brochures, and instructions for drug administration. If the target group consists of private individuals, then you talk about TV spots, flyers for the waiting room and shop materials.

A medical copywriter knows how to convey complex information in an engaging way

In addition to the pharmaceutical market, there is also the supply of medical equipment. Think of equipment manufacturers for operating rooms, intensive care units or ambulances. All of them are fascinating and complex stories that must be told simply and attractively.

So a medical copywriter is quite the chameleon. They have a good understanding of the global pharmaceutical industry, substantive knowledge of the business and the right communication skills.

Medical copywriters have the ability to quickly absorb complex scientific information and present it in a clear, easy to understand the story. Of course, just like with any other copywriter, it is nice if you also click on a personal level in the collaboration. Fortunately, there is as much choice in medical copywriters as in medicine.

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