May Competition: Best Out-of-Office Reply

Spring is finally here and you know what that means…we are that much closer to summer holiday!

Copywriting competition is now closed! And the winner is… Fraser!

I’m lounging on a yacht near Kos
Address your nonsense to your boss

Got every last detail of your summer holiday already organized down to even what you’ll kids will wear and eat? Playing it cool this summer with a pair of rain boots and a secret stash of glitter at some upcoming festivalsOr maybe you’re 100% ready to do nothing but read a few books while sipping some cocktails?

Whatever gets you in the mood for summertime indulgence, don’t forget to set up an Out-of-Office message for you email. Yes, you may experience extreme separation anxiety at the thought of not checking your inbox, but get over it—you’re on holiday!

The Challenge

Time to relax, sit back, and think up the ideal Out-of-Office message for your email this summer. Be original, bold, funny but brief. Get creative and make it into a Haiku or be brave and tell your clients and boss what you’re really up to. Just make sure it let’s everyone know that you are far away from your inbox and enjoying every single minute of it!

The Prize

Now that your email is taken care of, put the digital technology aside and have some analog fun. Enjoy lasting holiday memories with the Kodak Single Use FunSaver Camera. Start looking at things in a new way now that your are not glued to your smartphone. Explore your creativity without the hassle of trying to get the perfect shot. 

How to Enter

Give us your best Out-of-Office message by commenting below. You may leave up to 5 comments per person. And don’t worry about annoying your clients or making your boss jealous—brag all you want! Go ahead, tell us your best auto-reply message and see if it hits the sweet spot as much as a beachside Daiquiri.


In order to be eligible for this competition, please leave a comment before 12 am (Western European Time) on Sunday, June 17th. We will then post the top five entries on our Facebook page and everyone can vote for their favourite. The one with the most votes will then be notified and sent the prize.
And congratulations to the winner of our last competition Gus. Well done!

12 replies
  1. Maurits Rinders
    Maurits Rinders says:

    Mail me now, and your mail gets buried under a pile of 3276 mails.
    Mail me again over two weeks. And you’re mail lies on top.

  2. Lisa Schulz
    Lisa Schulz says:

    Just like Alice Cooper sang: Editor’s out for summer! Okay, I have to admit, there are a few syllables that don’t quite match the metrum. Nonetheless, I’m out of office and in two weeks I will be back, sunburnt (have you seen my skin type?) and relaxed.

  3. Christian Lindharth
    Christian Lindharth says:

    I’m having an out of office experience.
    I will be back soon enough but until then – have a great Summer!

  4. Christian Lindharth
    Christian Lindharth says:

    I’m having an out of office experience.
    I will be back soon enough to assist you – until then I recommend watermelon and Apperol Spritz.
    Enjoy your Summer!

  5. Edward Mitchell
    Edward Mitchell says:

    1 I’m on holiday, easyday, lazyday. Next Monday backtoworkday.
    2 All work, no play? No way! Back in two weeks.
    3 Work-life balance? I’ve wobbled off. See you next week.
    4 My computer multi-tasks but I don’t. Back on the 15th.
    5 Sunday, Monday, every day Funday. Until next month.

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