Lifting Your People: Copywriting Inspiration From The Cloud

Language is one of the things that defines as human beings. Our words can make others glow inside, believe and understand something new. Words are the most powerful weapon we have in communicating our messages effectively. The Internet is full of words. Words combined with imagery, video, audio and all kinds of related media. Words, however, hold all other media together, giving them resonance and meaning. This blogpost explores how we can find copywriting inspiration by developing our words and language to inspire positive feelings within our potential customers.

The Cloud of Have To’s and Want To’s

In our day-to-day lives there are two fundamental types of everyday thought we ponder:A) what we “have to do” B) what we “want to do” Every decision, action and purchase we ever make is broadly inspired by one of those categories. We hire an accountant because we have do submit our tax return. We buy a car because we have to make frequent journeys. We buy a great looking sports car because we want to enjoy, and look great, making those journeys. Our minds are constantly full of the numerous things that cover all that what we “have to do” and that what we “want to do”. It’s not easy having all of those things prodding us everyday and requesting our attention. I often refer to this hazy daze of things as  “the cloud”. The cloud being all that fills up our minds. Most of the time, we experience life underneath our own personal “cloud”. The thought of all of the things we “have to do” mixed with all that we “want to do” often overwhelms us.  This leads to stress and worry, which adds more weight to our already heavy “cloud”. It’s not until we take action in life that we are able to lift ourselves above the cloud and live life with a bit more sunshine. We feel good when we complete all that we “have to do”, and even better when we start to do all that we “want to do”. There are many better guides to taking positive action in life than I can offer here! However, what can be said is that taking action often involves us purchasing something that will help us complete one of our “have to do’s” or “want to do’s”. Using this principle, we can start to ponder where we and our business fit in and around helping people achieve one of their “to do’s”.  How does what we offer our potential customers go beyond simply ticking a box and actually help them rise above their own personal “cloud”? Understanding this helps us project positivity within our marketing language that goes deeper and beyond simply marketing a product or service.

Projecting Positivity Within Our Marketing Language

Projecting positivity means we strive to find and utilise the language/words that engender uplifting feelings based around and because of what we actually sell. This is better explained by way of an example. For example, within the world of health insurance we wouldn’t have to search too long to find a PPC ad that looks something like this:

3/10 People Will Catch A Life Threatening Condition

Our Plans Look After You When The Worst Comes

The ad appeals to the factors that actually keep us living underneath our own personal cloud on a day-to-day basis, i.e. the worry that we might catch a life threatening condition at some point. Whilst such an ad may well catch attention, and may even close business, it doesn’t give the potential customer a positive feeling about our products and brand. We’ve missed an opportunity to give our potential customer more than just a hard sell. If we focus our minds initially on the feeling that we want to engender within our potential customers, we will naturally write more positive copy.  We can give them a positive solution to a negative worry. For example:

Live Life to The Full

We’ll Take Care of Anything Else It May Bring

Health Insurance for True Living!

By focusing on lifting our potential customers out of their “cloud” worry, we communicate much more than simply a solution within this ad. Through our choice of focus and words, we drizzle both our customer and our brand in wee bit of sunshine. A positive feeling which often stays with your potential customer, and their feelings about your company and brand, long after any business transaction. Which ad would you choose? How can you apply “the cloud” copywriting inspiration idea to your own web marketing wording? In life we always have the ability to inspire positive or negative thoughts and feelings. Which of those we inspire lies primarily within our our choice of words.

About the Author: Phil Byrne
phil byrne

I’m Phil Byrne, a web marketeer in the UK. I have always been an internet person, right from the early days of dial up access in the pre Google era. I write online about my major passion for emotive web marketing and brand positivity. I hope the posts here help you take your online marketing in new and successful directions.