Is content king?

Everyone says, “Content is king,” but what does that really mean?

There are two different views …

1. Quantity

People who believe in this strategy say that the more content you write, the more website visitors you’ll get because of the sheer volume of keywords on your site. However, every time Google makes an update to its algorithm, this group loses search engine rankings and traffic. This group has to always worry about whether their business will weather the next Google storm.

I think there’s a better way …

2. Quality

Write the best possible content you can – even if it takes a long time. One thing that the most-trafficked websites have in common is that they create amazing, useful, unique content. The quality makes visitors know, like, and trust them. And it gets people talking, asking questions, taking action, or debating.

Corbett Barr, from ThinkTraffic, is an independent blogger/entrepreneur who runs his business while traveling the world, working from anywhere with an Internet connection. He often says the secret to his success is writing quality content. Barr says:

“From my own experience, my sites grow slowly when I produce average content, then they grow like bamboo when I pour my soul into a piece of content and make it as undeniably useful as possible.”

To write your own epic content, consider these questions when you’re planning an article or blog post:

  • Does this matter – or is this helpful – to my audience?
  • Would I read this, or better yet, would I bookmark this?
  • Will this be useful tomorrow or in five years?
  • Can this inspire someone to talk, ask questions, or take action?

Here are three tips for writing your own epic content:

1. Take your time.

It’s not quick and easy to crank out quality content (but it’s worth it).

Barr points out that Pat Flynn (who runs a popular site, Smart Passive Income, which he grew to over 15,000 people in less than two and a half years) uses a strategy based around “pillar content,” which people bookmark and come back to. Flynn often spends several hours on each post.

2. Write passionately.

There are two reasons you should only write about the things you care about. First, you’ll find it much easier to produce quality content. Second, if you don’t care, it will show in your writing.

Find clients that sell products you’re passionate about, or start your own blog about your interests. The great thing about the writer’s life is that you can position yourself to work with your interests and avoid boring projects.

If you love outdoor adventures, find clients that offer outdoor adventure trips or gear. Your passion for your subject will show in your marketing materials and your writing.

3. Write when you’re inspired.

We can’t always be inspired, but when you are, don’t let the moment pass. Grab your pen or computer and get those thoughts on paper.

If you need to produce inspiration at a moment’s notice, create an inspiration file. Save pictures, articles, songs, and other things that bring you inspiration for epic content.

So what inspires you? Does the thought of creating quality content get you excited or scare you? Comment below to join the discussion …

But first, some thoughts from Corbett Barr:

“Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.”

Christina GillickAbout the author: Christina Gillick
Christina Gillick is a Content Marketing Strategist and an award-winning direct-response copywriter. She helps her clients create loyal customers through relationship building copy and content. (She is also the founder of where she regularly tests her ideas and advice.)