4 Tips to create content and marketing wins

In addition to writing and editing for clients, I’m often hired to advise them about Internet marketing and public relations. So I thought I’d make you my pretend client for a moment and share a few related tips structured around some recent wins. Welcome aboard. 

Here are some ways to provide content and marketing wins

1. Pinterest Winpinterest icon

This Pinterest-minded graphic, which I made for a post, generated over three times more traffic from Pinterest in the first two days than each of the last four posts had received on average over the past month.

Tip: Regularly use the social media you target. Don’t just jump in when you want to promote something. You’ll get to know that site’s culture and glean ideas on how to make your posts more effective. I knew a simple picture of medications wasn’t going to work for Pinterest. We needed something that indicated more specifically what the blog post was about.

2. Presentations Winpresentations

Last week, I was a panelist for a Bulldog Reporter webinar about pitching “top health and medicine bloggers.” I was also recently profiled by as a freelance-writing expert.

Tip: Some people hate presenting or being interviewed. I love it. Basically, people sit down and say, “Please talk without being interrupted; share your knowledge and opinions with us. We really want to hear from you.” (Well, if you insist.) If you do interviews or presentations for marketing and you get nervous about them, remember that people just want to hear what you know. Work on channeling your nervousness into good energy, and have fun. People will relate to you, and that’s a win when you’re marketing.

3. Blog Traffic Winblog traffic win

My guest post for about headache stretches got over 300 shares on the site’s Facebook page. As of this writing, it’s also in the top-10 Google results for “stretches for headaches.”

Tip: You can’t always predict which posts will be a hit. This one, though, had a leg up because it was on trend. Simple, money-saving, do-it-yourself fixes are all the rage. Consider brainstorming what fresh, tangible, practical solution you can share with your audience.

4. Interesting-Slants Win

As a niche writer in senior care, aging and health, I love coming up with new, interesting slants. So I also do that in my non-niche work. One example is an article about disaster preparedness I wrote for Fairbanks Memorial Hospital/Denali Center, a wonderful repeat client. Instead of penning a simple “winter is coming; it’s time to prepare” piece, I was able to relate the topic to current events and paint a problem/solution picture for a more compelling read.

Tip: If you write content for your website and sometimes think, “I’ve heard all this before,” free your brain a little, and open up some creativity. Take a break. Brainstorm. Do whatever you need to come up with a new or more compelling way to tell the story. That will help you stand out from the competition—and help your readers pay closer attention to the valuable information you’re providing.

About the author: Leigh Ann Hubbard

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With a background in journalism, creative writing and Web-content production, Leigh Ann brings a unique mix of qualifications to the professional-writing field. She’s obsessive about accuracy, passionate about creativity and energized by the challenges high-quality SEO writing brings.
Leigh Ann has been a freelance writer since 2003. She’s managing editor of the consumer-healthwebsite and served in the same role for its previous corresponding magazine.


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