Translation? No thanks! Transcreation works better for international campaigns.

Translation is great for getting a basic message across. But it can’t capture the real spirit of the brand you’re trying to promote. Nor does it take into account cultural differences between different target markets. So campaigns that work well in one region may flop completely in another.

That’s where transcreation comes in.

Transcreation = Translation + Creativity

Our transcreation writers are part translator, part creative copywriter. The use all their skills to adapt a campaign developed for one region to be suitable for another. Using a specialist transcreation writer from Copywriter Collective writer means you can:
Optimise effectiveness of transnational campaigns
What works in one country may not work in another. Aware of cultural differences and sensitivities, a transcreation writer makes a concept relevant and focussed to a specific national target audience.
Maintain brand image and tone of voice across borders
A straight translation can never capture the nuances and tone of voice that are unique to a particular brand. Transcreation can. So a reader in Belarus gets the same feel from the campaign as a reader in Belgium, Bulgaria or Botswana.
Count on consistency long term
Working with the same Copywriter Collective transcreation writer over a period of time means not only consistency but lets you build a relationship with them and develop your client account long term.

Try transcreation for your next transnational campaign

Copywriter Collective has transcreation writers capable of creatively adapting campaigns into most languages. Call Sandra now on +31 (0)20 320 5319 or email now to find out more.