Writing is not always a fun activity. This holds particularly true for people who actually write for a living.  Sometimes they have issues and worries. At other times, they have to deal with distractions. Finally, there is that most dreaded of problems,” the writer’s block.’ In all of these cases, they need to remain motivated and continue to deliver high-quality content day in day out.  This is only possible if they were to freshen up their mind with creative activities. Especially fun stuff that would help and inspire them to give their very best for each and every project. Let us check out a few such indoor activities to inspire you to write:

Poetical Scavenger Hunt

Few things inspire us as much as poetry. When we are down and out, it is poetry that inspires us to continue to give our best long past our prime.  If you feel particularly jaded, it would be an awesome idea to look or ‘scavenge’ for items that will inspire you to ever greater efforts. It may be something as innocuous as an old faded photograph of your first ballroom dance or your wedding portrait or anything that has created a vivid memory in your mind. You can close your eyes and let the memories wash over you; till you start composing verses based on the emotions those images have evoked in your mind.  You can hunt for the most emotive pictures, letters, and the like to get a great idea for a poem that will get your creative juices flowing all over again.

Go Ahead and Watch TV

TV shows and movies have one thing in common. They all require scripts written by professional writers just like you.  Pay attention to the stellar works of some really great professionals in your field. Many of them have some really clever and winning storytelling methods that make you watch their shows.  You should place very close attention to the dialogue of these shows and learn from them. This way you will be able to add some swell ideas to your own writing. You can also use the key characters and personalities of these shows to not only get inspired but also use them in your own way. Additionally, there are multiple ways to spend your indoor time, by watching videos about writing or listening to podcasts about freelancing and so on. This is an ideal way of turning an inane pastime into excellent fuel for your own creative writing methods.

The shift from Simple Goal-Setting Towards Full-Fledged Habit-Forming

While it is certainly true that most of our goals are there for the express purpose of inspiring us. However, a worthwhile habit can act to weave a whole lot of inspiration into the very marrow of your being.  You can go from ‘I want to finish my workday by 7 every day’ to ‘I want to write for a few hours all week long.’ Ultimately, all good habits trump goals when it comes to inspiration for committed copywriting. Here it is important to remember that the most well-known writers are not people who had a specific goal. No, they are people who actually work consistently throughout their working life.

Set up an Indoor Garden

Gardening indoors might help you feel more appreciative and content so you end up writing more. You can create your very own indoor greenhouse or vegetable garden to enjoy fresh vegetables every day. Here it is pertinent to note that you may need to use indoor grow tents if the sunlight is missing in your home/home office.

Don’t Edit While You Write

While it might seem a trifle unusual, it is a very good idea to write with the output device (monitor) switched off or to write in white text on an all-white background.  This way, you won’t be able to edit everything again and again. Just finish the draft and then proceed to clear it up and rewrite it all in one go, so you won’t have to do it again and again.

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Creating a strong writing habit is not a very difficult task, provided you know what it is that you are supposed to be doing in the first place.  If done correctly, these great ideas will allow you to create a veritable masterpiece, every time you sit in front of your word processor.