Crisis! What crisis? Why freelancers are the solution to growth for the world economy and your business

With European unemployment approaching 20 million – 12% of the available workforcefreelancers are the solution – things aren’t getting any better any sooner in Europe. That goes double for Spain and Greece, where 1 in 4 people are now unemployed. Don’t even mention the young people fresh out of university. The whole of Europe could be sucked down the plug hole. The future looks apocalyptical. Right?
In fact, recessions and even depressions, despite the lives they affect, are just temporary problems with the system, according to the most respected Economist of all time, John Maynard Keynes. And in a recent article in the New York Review of Books, the historian Paul Krugman made a convincing case for an end to austerity measures, and a significant investment by central governments to boost the economy and our collective fortunes
If Keynes and Krugman’s calculations are right, and provided politicians adopt the prescribed medicine, then the natural state for an economy to be in is growth. And this is what we will return to, inevitably, the only question is when. How long it lasts and how deep it cuts, depends on our beloved leaders.
A timely reminder why freelancers are the solution
In business, in times of crisis, we’re reminded that we must build organisations that are light and flexible to weather the storm, and ready to grow quickly when the economy does. Both conditions to which freelancers and freelancing are the natural solution.
5 reasonable reasons for working with Copywriter Collective and our freelancers…
1) Keep you head down
You make your profit in your cost. That’s the first rule they teach you in business school and one that’s reinforced by life in the real world. If you overheads are low your profit will be high. And with freelancers you can hire someone for exactly the amount of time needed to do a job and not an hour more.
2) Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
When the economy picks up, you need to grow quickly to seize new opportunities and destroy the competition. We have a massive and up-to-date database of almost every discipline and nationality of freelancer living in many different countries. We offer a next-day solution on or off-site.
3) Recruit expertise with ease
We offer all the freelancers your creative agency or business department will ever need… copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers, traffic, accounts… we’re the complete solution. We have freelancers experienced in all industries, including Healthcare, Recruitment, IT/telecoms, Finance, Electronics and many, many more.
4) Put award-winning creatives to work for you
Ideas are the bloody beating heart of business. Without them your business will dry up and your clients will dry out. Our freelancers have hundreds of awards between them from national and international competitions. Let them breathe new life into your operations as well as your communications.
5) The Collective advantage
Copywriter Collective does the hard work of recruiting freelancers. Tired of seeing hundreds of portfolios? Concentrate on your core business and save thousands of man hours by outsourcing recruitment to us. Browse our website to find the right creative for your job in minutes. Print out profiles and see examples of work online. Or just ask us to send recommendations. Then once you’re rolling, online timesheets and job tracking mean you’ll never need to chase late work or worry about how many hours have been spent.
Get started now – hire a freelancer to provide more for less
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