With over 2 million new blog posts being uploaded to the World Wide Web every single day, how on earth are you supposed to get your business noticed online?

Luckily, there are some simple strategies that are within the reach of even the smallest businesses, so don’t despair. Here are five ways to get more visitors to (and ultimately more leads and sales from) your website:

One: Spread Your Net

Maximise your output – make sure you have an active online presence on social media. Wherever your target market is active is where you need to be putting out information – whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Pinterest or Instagram.

Maybe you are afraid of annoying your audience by putting out the same message across multiple platforms. Just remember, it is very unlikely people will be following you on every site so don’t let this worry you. Most importantly, if they are connected with you on social media they have chosen to hear from you – so don’t let them down!

The more popular websites and social media channels that link back to your website, the more your chances of being found online increase. If the sheer scale and number of social media channels are intimidating for you, focus on being really good on just two or three platforms, rather than trying to be a maestro of all the platforms.

You can always recruit outside help with social media, for a surprisingly low outlay.

Two: Stand Out
(Be Multicoloured, Not Magnolia!)

Make sure your message is unique. Why be mediocre? Using boring business jargon, buzzwords, and dull-as-ditchwater, dry-as-dust language makes you blend into the background like a camera-shy chameleon.

For written content, this can be an especially difficult trick to pull off. We have become used to sounding painfully formal in our written communications, using expressions that would sound pretentious if read out loud.

Stand Out (Online)

Just be yourself. Imagine if your prospect was sitting across the table from you. What sort of language would you use? How would you describe their problem? What colourful phrases are you known for? Write as you talk – the end result will be much easier to digest!

Online search engines have completely revolutionised the way customers find solutions to their needs. Obviously, you will need to use keywords to help your customer find you, but do so in a snappy, meaningful and interesting way to catch your customers attention and capture their business. Don’t be afraid to be colourful and different.

Three: Showcase Your Solutions

No matter if you are a high street café, window cleaner or an insurance company, you provide solutions. Don’t just talk about yourself on your website and publications – talk about the problems and challenges your target market is facing, then tell them how you can help!

One of the best ways to do this is to create advice videos explaining a subject, concept or common problem and how you can help. People love videos and this is one of the easiest ways to optimise your site visits and social media followers. We have all been attracted by a catchy advert or a series of videos showing simple ‘life hacks’ or tips and tricks to achieve a desired result. This is content marketing at it’s finest.

The good news is you no longer need a vast budget to create videos that your customers and prospects will love. Animated videos are an extremely affordable and effective way of getting your message across. No hassle with finding actors, props, or locations, simply let [them] know your message and [they] can quickly create a professional and attractive video on any subject.

You can upload the video to your website to increase visits and shared across messaging sites, YouTube and Vimeo to raise your profile instantly. Interested? Click here to learn more on this subject.

Four: Share The Knowledge, Share The Love!

In addition to your core message, keep your customer coming back by creating genuinely useful and interesting content. You could consider sharing ‘Did you know?’ facts on social media, post inspiring quotes, blog about events or write about lifestyle tips. You are the brand, you have the knowledge – people will look to you for advice so share what you have!

Charity events are a big draw – everybody loves to know they are helping out somehow. Choose your local or national charities to support and run competitions, blog about fundraising efforts and note on your website who you are supporting. Your customers want to know that you care, not just for them and the customers they bring, but also for the greater good.

Five: Stake Your Claim on Google Maps

This is so basic but so underused – help your customers to find you by making sure you are represented on Google Maps.
Stake your claim on Google Maps
Ensure the location for your business is correct, and update it if you move! And remember, the street view footage is often very out of date – there isn’t much you can do about this but you can upload photos to your location – images of your logo and services, examples of your work, photos of your offices, display rooms, warehouse, staff – the possibilities are endless!

Don’t miss out on this key step you can take to get you noticed online. You can simply go to Google Maps and then to your business address. If your business is not listed, simply click on the building where you are located, and add your business details. Then click “claim this business.” Google will then send you a postcard through the post with a special code, which enables you to stake your claim and ensure another high-quality backlink to your website, and the opportunity for more people to see your brand and visit your website or your physical premises.

About the author: Rick Siderfin

Rick Siderfin

Rick Siderfin is a husband, dad of 3, and copywriter who lives and works in Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds. He is the founder of Vortex Content Marketing, a company founded with one simple objective: to help you get noticed online.

This article was originally published by Rick Siderfin