February 2008 News update

It’s all-change at The Collective next month as we prepare to launch our all-new website and welcome a new member of the administrative team.
In this issue:
Freelancer profile forms
New staff member at The Collective
Anyone for Footy?
Valentine’s Promotion
Permanent vacancies
Keeping in touch
Drinks and wine tasting

The all-new website is nearly complete and should be up and running in April. This will feature a new logo (a real talking point!) and house style plus more detailed freelancer profiles and improved search facilities.
Needless to say we’re really excited about it. Watch this space…..
Freelancer profile updates
All freelancers on The Collective website should have received an email from us with a request to complete a new profile sheet. These are necessary to complete the more detailed profiles that will appear on the new website. If you don’t complete the (relevant) sections the new form asks for then your profile really won’t look very interesting!
This is a great opportunity to revamp your image and sell yourself.
The Collective welcomes a new staff member
Wilma Gijzen will be joining The Collective from 26th February to work on marketing and promotion. An experienced project manager, Wilma brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the advertising industry to further strengthen the administrative team.
Anyone for footy?
For the first time ever, The Collective will take part in The Lieverdjes – the annual football tournament for the Dutch advertising world.
If you have two or more functioning limbs (legs, arms, it doesn’t matter) then we’d love to have you on the team, which will be coached by Janneke Huijnk.
The tournament takes place on May 31st and we will arrange some informal practice sessions. We will also be arranging for a few good players to join The Collective on a short-term basis!
Contact info@thecollective.net
Valentine’s Promotion
February 14th presented The Collective with another opportunity for a spot of promotion.
We set about courting a selection of clients by delivering bouquets of a dozen roses.
With a slight twist on the traditional theme, these roses weren’t red, but rainbow coloured. How? Well that’s a closely guarded secret. Suffice to say that Miriam was able to obtain them through connections with the horticulture industry. In fact, she has an article about them published in the February edition of EasyJet’s in-flight magazine http://easyjetinflight.com/features/2008/feb/rainbow-roses.html (even if they did have a typo in her surname)
February 2008 news update
Permanent vacancies
The Collective has been asked to find people for the following permanent positions.
Contact Casper casper@thecollective.net if you or anybody you know is interested.

Job Title: Copywriter/ Storyteller
An international communications company based in Amsterdam is looking for a conceptual thinker who knows how to write a brand story in a creative as well as a journalistic manner.

Job Title: Art director/ Style director
An international communications company based in Amsterdam is looking for a conceptual creative thinker with outstanding design skills capable of designing complete brand worlds.

Job Title: Account director (maar dan leuker)
“Agency” is op zoek naar versterking voor het accountteam, naar iemand die de verantwoordelijkheid wil nemen voor een aantal accounts binnen “Agency”, die mee kan denken op marketing-strategisch niveau, kan adviseren en daarnaast projecten binnen deze accounts kan managen.
Belangrijkste werkzaamheden zijn onder meer het meedenken op marketing-strategisch niveau; het inrichten en leiden van processen op de klant; het aansturen van de verschillende projectteams binnen “Agency” en de projectteams waarin de klant en eventueel andere externen zitting hebben; het bewaken van planningen en budgetten, het aansturen van en onderhandelen met derden namens de klant.
”Agency” is een informeel bedrijf met een platte structuur. Geen project van “Agency” is het zelfde. Grote mate van zelfstandigheid, loyaliteit, oorspronkelijkheid en gevoel van humor zijn belangrijke eigenschappen waar wij naar op zoek zijn.

Keeping in touch
As the world of electronic communications continues to develop ever-more-complex methods to distinguish between welcomed and spam email, we are doing our best to keep up by asking freelancers and clients to register to approved mailing lists. This will help our messages to get to you and protect our own domain accumulating a high spam score.
If you want to continue to receive updates from The Collective (such as reminders when the new blog is published) PLEASE sign up to The Collective freelancer mailing list by clicking this link http://list-manage.com/subscribe.phtml?id=75ffee66cb
If you are a client you should register on the client mailing list instead http://list-manage.com/subscribe.phtml?id=0c7ae6a85a
Don’t forget to confirm your registration by following the instructions on the email you’ll be sent after submitting your details!
February End of Month Drinks and Wine Tasting
It’s not often we get to host our end-of-the-month drinks on 29th February, but this year we can!
And there are two extra special reasons to attend this month’s drinks.
The first being the opportunity to meet our new marketing and promotions lady, Wilma.
And the second…
Bacchus to Basics
Courtesy of Fraser Bailey, February’s End-of-Month drinks will feature an informal wine tasting, with half decent wines from around the world. First come, first pissed.
Usual place, usual time:
Vijzelstraat 67, 1017HG Amsterdam
Friday 29th February
As ever, if you can let us know if you’re coming (Miriam@thecollective.net) it always helps