Destination Bali: 5 Tips for Better Beachlancing

Wanna be a copywriter from the tropical beach paradise of Bali? Keep these things in mind:


The Main Digital Nomad Communities are in Canggu and Ubud.

It can feel isolating to leave behind friends and family, even for just a month or two. It’s easy to find people to hang out with here, but that’s not the same as making friends. Connecting with one of the existing digital nomad scenes is an easy way to find a social circle. Either of these locations is a good base to explore the rest of the island.


It Can Be Hard to Get Good Internet.

Mobile data is very slow and often drops out. Wi-fi is everywhere but is often no better. If a place doesn’t advertise itself as a place to run your business from, it probably isn’t.


The Internet is Also Heavily Censored.

The ban list seems to change all the time but has included big websites like Youtube and Reddit. This could frustrate your work. You can avoid this by connecting to an overseas VPN server, which is also a good idea for security reasons.


You Can’t Get an Uber Here.

Instead you want an app called Grab. It’s great value, you can pay with cash, and you’re saved from having to bargain hard for every taxi, which gets exhausting.


Grab is legal but not everyone’s happy about it.

Certain locations – such as the airport – don’t allow these cars to pick you up. You can avoid conflict by walking a few minutes down the road to get your ride.


The Warung is Your Friend.

These traditional eateries can skimp on the signage but if you keep an eye out you’ll see them everywhere. Because they’re so affordable, you might make the mistake of thinking they’re just for when money’s tight.


The truth is that international cuisine in Bali is, with the odd happy exception, just not very good. But they make their own food from the freshest local produce, and there’s so much of it to explore.


About the author:
James Mawson, also known as the Handsome Genius, is a tech-savvy freelance
writer specialising in website copy and content marketing.



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