Creating a copywriting library: Invitation for guest bloggers

‘Be a copywriter’ is a specialist blog for copywriters by copywriters. It’s run by Copywriter Collective, one of the world’s largest agencies for international copywriters and advertising creatives, and has been written largely by our members. But we want it to be more than just a blog – we want it to be a copywriting library.

New copywriting library full of writing advice

We have a simple aim for this site. We want it to become a repository of the best articles for copywriting advice. A resource for all the copywriters out there to use to improve the standard of copywriting worldwide.

At the moment it’s hard to find specialist copywriting articles. When you need some copywriting advice, using a search engine can be a frustrating experience. You might get lucky, but often it takes longer to find the write advice that it does to do the copywriting.

LIBRARY with books

With our high editorial standards, we can ensure that the best advice is collected in one place. The best advice in all media. Press releases, websites, brochures, voiceovers… all have different nuances and require different skills.


But to build a library we need your help. Our members have written some great articles for the copywriting library but we need more. Now we’re throwing it open to all the copywriters out there to help it grow, so it can help more copywriters.

What makes a good copywriting article?

We have high standard for submissions. You article must really stand out as offering professional advice for professional copywriters. They don’t have to be original articles – so it’s ok if you’ve already published them on your own blog.

We don’t want authors who are simply after a quick backlink. We will provide one of course, and register you as a G+ author on our site, so your Google rank will benefit, but that shouldn’t be your primary motivation.

Give something back to the copywriting business that gave you so much

Some writers keep their secrets close to their chest. They see helping other copywriters as helping the competition. We say help the world and the world will help you back. Give and ye shall receive.

If you would like to submit an article, CLICK HERE to download the article template and send it to our Blog Manager heather[at]


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