6 ridiculously awesome email copywriting tips that convert

Email copywriting has become an essential part of every company’s marketing campaign, especially when there are more than 3.9 Billion active email users. The task of promoting their business through emails is often handed out to freelance copywriters.

As someone who has been shouldered with the responsibility of email copywriting and marketing, it is very important to craft an irresistible email that entices people to click. (Just for the record, a report by IBM says that 60% of email opens will occur from mobile devices, depending on the industry.)

Your target audience is all that matters!

The primary aspect of drafting the perfect email is to understand who you are drafting it for:

Who is your target audience? What do they do and what do they read? Have they got any issues and are your solutions to their problems? Not to mention anything else that talks about the behaviour of your target audience.

Segment your audience and draft your email for each group separately. Use relatable vocabulary to connect with your audience. A study by MailChimp suggests that click-through rates are 100.95% higher in segmented email campaigns!

If your emails do not hold any appeal to the desired audience, no matter how good they are, you would not be able to get the conversions you wish for.

But, don’t worry. We are here with some amazing tips that will help you write emails that get the conversion you’re looking for:

1. Email copywriting means writing a good subject line

Your subject line is the first thing that your audience is going to read. If it is not interesting enough, the chances are, the receiver won’t be interested in reading the full email. A well crafted, eye-catching subject line will encourage the reader to click your email. Here are three ways to write the best subject lines:

  •       Refrain from click-bait. Make sure that your subject line is a mirror to what the email contains. If you write an attractive subject line only for the readers to open and find something else entirely, you might be marked as spam. The readers will lose faith in you and your credibility will take a hit.
  •       Use power words. Do you know a single word can change the entire tone of a statement? Yes, certain words, or buzzwords, are used in the marketing industry to entice audiences. These marketing power words will hype up the readers’ interest in the email.
  •       Be mindful of the length of your subject line. Keep it short and sweet. Preferably 60 characters or less. People are too lazy to read long lines.

2. Align your email body with the subject line

Once you have chosen a perfect subject line, you need to ensure that the content of your email aligns with it. The content should be an extension of the subject line. If the content goes awry, it may have an impact on your credibility, drastically reducing your conversion rates. To avoid this, go through the email carefully and check if the subject line is perfectly in tune with your content.

 3. Personalise your email

Personalising your emails allows for a more personal relationship with your readers. The first step in personalising your emails is to get rid of mass emails- that is, emails sent without addressing the person directly. Try to make your email conversational with first names. Use pronouns like, ‘you’, ‘yours’ etc. to make the reader feel as if you are addressing them directly. The reader should feel like you are giving them special attention.

When the readers make a personal connection with your email, they are more likely to respond in a positive manner. In fact, stats report that personalised emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.

4. Use actionable language in your email copywriting

You need to be extremely precise in your emails. Beating around the bush will not help in increasing your conversion rate. You have just a few seconds to grip the reader’s attention. Try to state the main objective of your email as early as you can. Use actionable words like, ‘follow’ and ‘download’. This will immediately deliver the purpose of your email to the readers. You won’t be wasting their time and they will be more likely to click.

Keep in mind that your actionable phrases should also be very precise. It is best to keep the actionable phrases limited to about 5-7 words. Using more words than this will reduce the impact of your statement.

5. Write about the benefits, not the features

When buying a product, people often tend to look for the benefits of a product or service rather than the features. This factor is frequently overlooked while drafting emails. You need to talk about the benefits of your products or services instead of talking about their features directly. This is one of the easiest ways to increase email conversion.

Here are some ways to include the benefits in your emails:

  •       Use actual testimonials from customers using your product or services.
  •       Showcase your company’s credentials and explain how they make it easier for the customer to trust your products.
  •       Use statistics that highlight how your product has benefitted your existing customers.

6. Don’t be too pushy

The last thing you want to do is to express desperation. Focus on the benefits of the company’s products and services but don’t go overboard. It is very important that your email has a conversational tone that lists the benefits of the product without appearing to be ‘sales-y’. Considering that 36% of all spam is some form of advertising, you need to be all the more careful.

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