Back in February we ran a slogan competition to come up with a world-beating slogan for Copywriter Collective. We received all the entries in the Spring but it has taken us a long time to get everything together and decide on a shortlist. Our apologies. We’ve just been too busy working for clients.
Copywriter Collective supplies international creative copywriters to companies and advertising agencies around the world. So we need a line that communicates the expansive service we offer.
Here is the shortlist (Perhaps inevitably, often more than one person has suggested the same slogan):
More than words – Yann Jones, Canaan Henderson & Joao Inacio
You have our word – Joao Inacio
Beyond words – Canaan Henderson and Mark Tiroa
Where words work – Angelo Brancaccio
Write for youArthur van Gemert
Write here, Write nowDon Huggan & Tal Halili
Words of art – Rhonda Delgado
A word apart – Federica Medori
How to vote?
We are handing over the decision on which is the best slogan to the Copywriters of the world. You can vote on our Facebook page You have until 9am Monday 8th December to cast your vote. Just choose from 1-8 and type that number in the comment box, only one vote per person. However if you share a link to the page, your friends can vote too! (But only votes posted on Copywriter Collective FB page will be counted.)
Here is the long list of entries:

Aditya GuptaOur ideas would like to work for you
Aditya GuptaIdeas packed with results
Aditya GuptaWe sell it like we made it
Aditya GuptaHit them where they love it most
Aditya GuptaIdeas that give more than they take
Aditya GuptaSaying all the right things
Aditya GuptaThe fastest way into their minds
Aditya GuptaOne call. Big difference.
Aditya GuptaYou’ll love working with our ideas
Aditya GuptaBig ideas simply put
Aditya GuptaRight ideas in the right hands
Aditya GuptaLet our ideas speak for you
Aditya GuptaAn idea whose time has come
Aditya GuptaCreativity with effectivity
Aditya GuptaWhy didn’t you think of us?
Aditya GuptaWinners know how to get it done
Aditya GuptaYou’re invited to the next big idea
Aditya GuptaThe next big idea delivered. Yesterday.
Aditya GuptaWhen we sell, people buy
Aditya GuptaIf we can’t sell, who can?
Aditya GuptaIdeas that move
Aditya GuptaAll you have to do is ask
Aditya GuptaOur advantage to your advantage
Aditya GuptaYou’ll never sell alone
Aditya GuptaBecause people buy ideas
Aditya GuptaIdeas people want to see
Aditya GuptaWinners breeding winners
Aditya GuptaBig ideas should be the last thing on your mind
Aditya GuptaIdeas that convert
Aditya GuptaSharpen your edge with ours
Aditya GuptaWhere the big ideas are when you need them
Aditya GuptaWhere big ideas come to live
Aditya GuptaMatching ideas with people
Aditya GuptaPeople moving people
Aditya GuptaOur ideas know what they’re doing
Aditya GuptaWe know where big ideas come from
Aditya GuptaHappy ideas. Happy endings.
Aditya GuptaOur ideas are such attention seekers
Aditya GuptaWhen you don’t know where to look
Aditya GuptaOur quality will disgust your competition
Aditya GuptaCreativity that annoys your competition
Aditya GuptaAnnoy your competition with our creativity
Aditya GuptaDon’t worry, we’ll find a way
Aditya GuptaDon’t worry, we have ideas
Aditya GuptaOfficial address of the next big idea
Aditya GuptaWhere big ideas work
Aditya GuptaOur will always finds a way
Aditya GuptaCreative muscle that always finds a way
Aditya GuptaOr you can leave it to chance.
Aditya GuptaCreative ways to annoy your competition
Aditya GuptaWhat’s worth doing is worth doing creatively
Aditya GuptaWe have ideas your competition will hate
Aditya GuptaOur ideas will make your competition feel small
Aditya GuptaIdeas your competition is guaranteed to hate
Aditya GuptaIdeas to annoy your competition like never before
Alan SmithieRighting copy
alberto tandoiDO IT WRITE.
alberto tandoiDO THE WRITE THING.
Alex (UK writer)Trans-creation by awarded creatives (…..doesn’t sound great, but repositions other trans-creation agencies with what sounds like a USP.)
Alex (UK writer)Cross borders with award-winning creatives.
Alex (UK writer)Global creative by awarded creatives.
Alex (UK writer)International creative by awarded creatives.
Alex (UK writer)Global creative. Awarded creatives. (….sounds cool, but not as clear as the first.)
Alex (UK writer)Global creative by awarded copywriters
Alex (UK writer)Award winning creatives that help you cross borders.
Alex (UK writer)World’s most creative transcreation.
Alex (UK writer)Words. Ideas. Globally. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Copy. Globally. Brilliantly. (too ‘copy’?)
Alex (UK writer)Ideas. Globally. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Copy. Globally. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Copy. Globally. Competitively. Brilliantly
Alex (UK writer)Words. Ideas. Globally. Competitively. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Trans-creation. Globally. Competitively. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Communicating ideas abroad. Competitively. Brilliantly
Alex (UK writer)Clever, cross-border creative.
Alex (UK writer)Crossing borders. Creating brilliance.
Alex (UK writer)Crossing borders creatively.
Alex (UK writer)Creative communication that crosses borders.
Alex (UK writer)Come for the writing. Stay for the ideas.
Alex (UK writer)Your brand abroad. Brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Spread your brand globally. Brilliantly
Alex (UK writer)So global ideas can travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)So global ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)So your global idea travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your idea goes global, make sure it travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your ideas go global, make sure they travel first class
Alex (UK writer)When ideas go global, make sure they travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your idea goes global, insist it travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your idea goes global, ensure it travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your idea goes global, be sure it travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)When ideas go global, with us they go first class.
Alex (UK writer)When ideas go global, they want to travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)So when your idea goes global, it travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)Ideas that go global deserve to go first class.
Alex (UK writer)Because global ideas deserve to travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)We ensure that global ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Enabling global ideas to travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Ensuring global ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)So your global ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)So ideas can travel first class. (…but: ‘ideas travelling’ not understood abroad??)
Alex (UK writer)When your idea travels, insist it goes first class.
Alex (UK writer)When your idea travels, we ensure it goes first class.
Alex (UK writer)When ideas travel, we ensure they go first class.
Alex (UK writer)Let your ideas travel first class
Alex (UK writer)Helping ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Because you want your brand to travel first class
Alex (UK writer)When you want your brand to travel. First class.
Alex (UK writer)When you want your brand to travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Want your brand to travel
Alex (UK writer)When your brand travels, make sure its first class.
Alex (UK writer)So ideas travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)You do want your brand to travel first class?
Alex (UK writer)For ideas that travel. First class.
Alex (UK writer)Lets your brand travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Let your brand travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)Let your brand travel. First class.
Alex (UK writer)And your brand travels first class.
Alex (UK writer)So brands travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)For brands that travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)For brands that travel. First class.
Alex (UK writer)For brands that want to travel first class.
Alex (UK writer)You may not travel first class. Your brand should.
Alex (UK writer)Ad idea that would appear on second class seats and tickets.
Alex (UK writer)Not travelling first class? At least your ideas can.
Alex (UK writer)More awards than any ad agency.
Alex (UK writer)The ad agency with most awards.
Alex (UK writer)(This is a stop you in your tracks slogan designed to make you read on…. where you find out that, collectively, CC’s trans-creation copywriters have more awards among
them than any current creative department in the world
Alex (UK writer)Which is probably true?? And would definately get CC a lot of publicity….EG, if the owner of CC went along to…….at Cannes 2014.
Alex (UK writer)The world’s first collective with loads of awards.
Alex (UK writer)Like a collective, but with awards.
Alex (UK writer)As helpful as a collective. More awards than an ad agency.
Alex (UK writer)Think of us as a super helpful commune with lots of awards.
Alex (UK writer)As caring as collective, but with more awards.
Alex (UK writer)How many collectives are this successful?
Alex (UK writer)The caring collective that’s all about success.
Alex (UK writer)As helpful as a collective. As successful as an ad agency
Alex (UK writer)So many awards, we can afford this lousy slogan.
Alex (UK writer)So many awards, we can afford a lousy slogan.
Alex (UK writer)Copywriter Collective is an online trans-creation agency
Alex (UK writer)We adapt advertising for foreign markets all over the world.
Alex (UK writer)Not just with words, but with visual ideas, adaptive strategies and whatever it takes to do the job brilliantly.
Alex (UK writer)Between them, our copywriters most likely have more major awards than any ad agency creative department in the world. They’re that good.
Alex (UK writer)Why is it a lousy slogan? Because apart from being very arrogant, it fails to get any of this across.
Alex (UK writer)But should you choose to work with us all the same…we think you’ll agree that we get away with it.
Alex (UK writer)So many awards, we can afford misstakes in our headlines
Alex (UK writer)So brilliant, we can aford typos in our headlines
Alex (UK writer)So brilliant, we can afford a hedline with speling mistakes
Alex (UK writer)There’s some corner of a foreign brand that’s always being created by us.
AlionaWords that matter the most
Amal ShahMaking short, crisp copies to sate a long list of original dreams.
Ammar Rajarwe don’t copy
Andrea SalvarezzaSay it ant so!
AndrewGreat Words Make A Difference.
AndrewIt’s simple and true.
Angelo BrancaccioWhere words work.
Angelo BrancaccioCopywriter collective:
International creativity is strenght.
Angelo BrancaccioCopywriter collective:
More creatives make a difference.
Ari (Laurence) ShermanSay it with feeling
Arthur van GemertCopywriter Collective. The write ones
Arthur van GemertCopywriter Collective. Write for you.
Bob Ashwoodwords that work
Canaan HendersonThe world is listening
Canaan HendersonWhat have you got to say?
Canaan HendersonSay Something
Canaan HendersonWe speak your language
Canaan HendersonSpeak the same language
Canaan HendersonWords to the Wise
Canaan HendersonWords for the Wise
Canaan HendersonBeyond words
Canaan HendersonBranding Beyond Words
Canaan HendersonFor want of better words
Canaan HendersonFind your way with words
Canaan HendersonMore Than Words
Canaan HendersonWords for the World
carlescopy less, copy better
carlescopy yourself
Carly MillerThink before you copy.
Caroline GibsonCreating a world of difference
Caroline GibsonWe help the world work smarter
Cathy ScottJob done.
Chad FairchildBe smart, act smarter.
Chiara GustafsonCreative decisions, ant-like precision
Chirag ThakkarWe don’t write copy. We ‘compose’ feelings.
Christina BoyesCopywriter Collective – Writing Your Success Since 2002
Christopher KoggeCopywriter Collective – We have the write people for the job
Claire Monica BurgessIndividual. Everywhere.
Claire Monica BurgessCreative Matters
Claire Monica BurgessGlobally. Creatively.
Claire Monica BurgessIndividual. Together.
Claire Monica BurgessSee the world creatively.
Claire Monica BurgessCreative Together.
Claire Monica BurgessTell the global story
Claire Monica BurgessCreate the world
Claire Monica BurgessDon’t just say it
Claire Monica BurgessSay more
Claire Monica BurgessSay the word. Anywhere
Claire Monica BurgessWord power.
Claire Monica BurgessEverywhere you want to be.
Claire Monica BurgessUnited nations of ideas
Claire Monica BurgessBeyond language.
Claire Monica BurgessGo beyond
Claire Monica BurgessGoodbye Babel.
Claire Monica BurgessWorldwide Creative.
Claire Monica BurgessThe plural of creative.
Claire Monica BurgessThe Creative Agent.
Claire Monica BurgessCreative Worldwide.
Claire Monica BurgessThe Creative Freelancer Network.
D.M. HunterResonating Impact.
D.M. HunterSpinning the Word. Spanning the Globe.
D.M. HunterThe Global Spin
D.M. HunterOnward Creative.
Dan BondreaPartners in sale
Dan BondreaCopytime, copywhere
Dan BondreaToo many, too good, too modest.
Dan BondreaToo many, too good, too modest to be true
Dan BondreaThe freelance agency
Dan BondreaThe freelancers hill
Dan BondreaMore heads are better than less.
Dan BondreaThe Freelancers’ Hydra
Dan BondreaMoney making words come true
Dan BondreaThe advertising mercenaries.
Dan BondreaThe copy mercenaries
Dan BondreaWhy didn’t i think of that?
Dan BondreaA slogan is forever.
Dan BondreaLet’s talk about you
Dan BondreaSay it like you mean it. (LF: should be ‘We say it like you mean it’)
Dan BondreaWords build brands
Dan BondreaThe copywriters’ supermarket
Dan BondreaYour freelancers’ shelf
Dan BondreaPaper, pens & brains
Dan BondreaWe are writers. Copywriters.
Dan BondreaBritish freelancers, few of the brave ones.
Dan BondreaFew of the brave
Dan BondreaWords come easy
Dan BondreaIn copy we trust.
Dan BondreaThat’s the idea!
Dan BondreaWord!
Dan BondreaWe write, you sell.
Dan BondreaWe gathered here today…
Danai FassouliSlog the city, make it pretty!
DanielaPlural & Unique
Dean GrgicSpreading a word in a proper way
Dennis SmithSay What You Need to Say – the First Time.
Dick A. ZonneveldThe Extraordinary Is The Message
Diveesha ShahaniCopywriter Collective: the final word
Don HugganWrite here, Write now.
Don SeidenbergCopywriter Collective – Creativity delivered
Edward MitchellActions speak louder than words. Your customers take our word for it.
Eric SonnenscheinDo you copy? Copy the world.
Federica MedoriA WORD APART
GarethinkCool for Copy. Not cool for Copycats.
Gatei Waweru1. When writing doesn’t feel right. 2. When righting doesn’t feel write.
George DemetriCrafted never copied
Geraldine Chongyou’ll never have to copy copy
Ghetto PicassoThe Copywriter Collective “Europe’s Export English”
Glenn BossikWe Live Through Words
Gordon CorcoranCopy worth repeating.
Grant CliffordBecause words have value (spelt using scrabble letters)
Grant CliffordWe Right Ads
Harsh ChoudharyCopy Writers “Exclusive Copy 4 u only”
Hong Yew ZinPitches ‘r’ bitches
ianwords, and stuff.
IREKE AMOJICopyWriters’ Collective ( CWC) – flush with ideas!
Jeff RenbargerFluent in ROI.
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Working Smart to Convert
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Copy that
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Creation | Conversion | Copy That
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Creating Copy that Converts
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Putting Worth on 1000 Words
Jessica LohmannCopywriting Collective – Putting Worth Back into 1000 Words
Jessica LohmannBringing together strong talent for richer copy
Jessica LohmannPower to the Copywriter
Jessica LohmannTalented Freelancers working together to create a strong message
Jessica LohmannWorking together to bring your message home
Jessica LohmannCreating messages that convert
Jessica LohmannCreating Copy that Converts
Jessica LohmannOne group, one goal: conversion
Jessica LohmannFreelancers Creating Conversion
Jessica LohmannFreelancing creatives for the power of conversion
Jessica LohmannFlowing message
Jessica LohmannLet us convert that for you
Jessica LohmannWorking smart for a better copy
Jessica LohmannWorking smart on conversion
Jessica LohmannWriting your Story
Jiří MarkvartSpreading The Word
Joao InacioWords between the lines.
Joao InacioWriting between the lines.
Joao InacioWrite between the lines.
Joao InacioMore than words.
Joao InacioWords make opportunities.
Joao InacioWe write, you blossom.
Joao InacioWe write, you flourish.
Joao InacioWe write, you prosper.
Joao InacioYou have our words.
Joao InacioYou have our word.
Johanna KreinerYou click, we clack.
Johanna KreinerYes, we’ve got rhythm. Call on us and we’ll stir up a buzz about your business, get your story straight and attract your audience.
Johanna KreinerWe’ve got the rhythm for typing – ideas flowing through the keyboard – and the rhythm for printing – ideas flowing off the press: it all comes down to keeping the beat.
Johanna KreinerSo set your pace, pick your part and then make music with us.
Jorge PérezWord for the World.
Jose LouwersCopywriter Collective
Cross-border Creatives
Jose LouwersCopywriter Collective
Cross-border Creativity
Jose LouwersCopywriter Collective
Creatives without borders
Jose LouwersCopywriter Collective
Boundless Creativity
Josh FaheyWe don’t know not to call this a slogan.
Jovana KresovicWords are mapping success. Copywriters collective We map.
justin wallaceOur creative team is like life – short but very wide, and full of solutions.
justin wallaceA wide choice of top class creatives, virtually anywhere.
justin wallaceFor every solution we have no problem.
justin wallaceIf your copy isn’t creative, something awful happens – nothing!
justin wallaceYou have a choice, we have a responsibility.
justin wallaceCreatives, on call, virtually anywhere.
justin wallaceCreative support when you need it – today, tomorrow, yesterday!
justin wallaceTailor-made copy-writing to suit your needs.
justin wallaceMore waste, less speed – choose the right creative for your project.
justin wallaceOur creatives get it.
justin wallaceWe have only have one definition of quality – the customer’s.
justin wallaceWe don’t need a second chance to make a first impression.
Katharine SakA new kind of word search.
Kevin LIduliCopywriter Collective: When it comes to write ups, we’re Write Up There!
Kiprop KiprotichAgent of Copy
Larry MacInnisRight Brains. Right Now.
Luke FabishEurope’s best \ In your office \ In 24 hours
MarkBeyond words.
Matouš Roskovecwhere brand meets new
MelanieCopy that!
Michael A. MarulloNo tikkie, no laundry!
Mike PascaleDon’t work for free.
Neal Evan KokSpread the word
Nick HallSummon your collective strength
Nick HallCall up an instant army
Nick HallYou’re stronger with a collective team
Nick HallThey Want You! (American Uncle Sam style)
Nick HallTogether, we’ll make you stronger.
Olivia DunnWorld-class copywriters for global results
Pankaj SharmaWhere words work wonders!
Paolo ColagrossiCopywriter Collective. (This time) two words are enough
Rajani Rajan-ShriramGive a little, get a lot [more]
Razvan CapanescuWords worth a thousand pictures
Rhonda Delgadowords of art
Rich CainBuild a Motto with Bravado!
Roberta BostockThe international word geniuses.
Roberta BostockWriting clever words around the world.
Roberta BostockThe international clever words network.
Roberta BostockFinding missing words for clients everywhere.
Robin PlaisierWrite on!
Ross ClarkeMore than just words
sean stancioffWe don’t just create, we spread it
sean stancioffWe take your brand and make it famous.
sean stancioffGive us the brand and we’ll spread it
sean stancioffWords are all we need to let the world know
Steven PhillipsWe don’t copy, right?
Steven PhillipsWe copy write.
Steven PhillipsFresh thinking for you.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Carried Away, Write Away.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Write Away.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, where lateral thinking is inevitable.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Creativity made Visible.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Write Here, Write Now.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Yours Made Visible.
Tal HaliliCopywriter Collective, Visibility Attracts.
Terence D’SouzaFrench, Abbot, Bernbach or Draper:
We have all kinds.
Teresa UstanikCapture magnitude, invent success … we deliver your energy in prose.
Willem van RooijCopywriter Collective. We write history.
yann jonesWriting is more than words.
Zach DoughertyDo the write thing…
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