Copywriting Inspiration: 7 Places You Never Thought to Look

When you see some copywriting pieces, you wonder if the copywriter is human. If they are, where do they get their inspiration from? What inspires them to write? It would surprise you that many writers get their inspiration from already existing content. There’s no better way to create amazing content than reading or consuming already amazing content.

Other copywriters get their inspiration from physical things like food – the way it is displayed for the diners at exclusive restaurants or abstract things like feelings – how it relates to them at a particular time. If you need copywriting ideas, here are seven places to draw inspiration that you never thought of.

1. The Real World

Labels on vodka, menus in coffee shops, and fashion models in magazines inspire many copywriters. All of this will inspire you, including conversations you cannot help but listen to when a man or woman is on the phone with their loved one or colleagues. Have you ever seen the best ice cream ever, seen its colors, and felt the way the ice cream melts in your mouth? That is an inspiration. It will awake your senses and get your imagination going thinking of words you know and words that do not exist. Some ice creams look so good that you will take them even if you are lactose intolerant.

2. Healthy Soda

Some healthy soda companies are the bomb when it comes to website copy. When you see the pictures and the words and how they make the product come alive and communicate the benefits to the health-conscious shopper, you will drool. All you need to do is see the ad copy to know that the drink will have a great taste and still be healthy enough to drink daily. Yes, the website may be imperfect and the colors a little too much but when you see the product physically, it makes up for everything.

3. Office Space

The kind of décor or the location of your office can inspire or overwhelm you. This is dependent on the kind of office space you find. When you rent an office space, often the people you will meet are new people and they will inspire you through fashion, language, or personality. Office spaces in London or Brussels are known to be very aesthetic in their build. In addition, the office spaces in Atlanta are deeply fascinating. The place that you work and the mode of transportation you take to reach it will afford you many sights, sounds, and people who will inspire your copywriting. There will always be enough content to write something that connects to the people you need them to reach.

4. Airline Newsletters

Airline newsletters can be trendy and attention-grabbing. Subscribing to airline newsletters is a pastime for many of the best copywriters in the marketplace. The airlines love to express their personality through their ads and letters. No wonder since their success depends on how much people are impacted by the personality of their brand. From low fares to quirky campaigns, an airline brand will do anything grand to be noticed. Be careful when subscribing so you do not purchase a ticket to the Caribbean islands while sliding through newsletters.

5. Perfume Bottles & Shampoos

Women’s products are so inspiring. They are sensuous and pretty little things that you use to grace your vanity table. They are also very inspiring and certain to spike your imagination and make it run wild. The words on the bottle will make you fall in love. You will fall for an imaginary man most likely a movie star or have an orgasm when you think of how your hair is going to feel after getting tender loving care. Copywriting does not really require a blast of creativity, it needs to get the point across and those cute little bottles do that. Shampoo brands compete to create the visual that their product will make a woman feel pampered and that is the perfect message. Women buy beauty products out of the need to feel pampered and we cannot have enough of that.

If you are looking for inspiration, remember that people, food, and office spaces in Atlanta are a huge influence on how interesting your day will be. They will light up your world, fill you with nuances of foods that can only be found if you are visiting Morocco, and change your view of life. The impact on your imagination is worth it. It might just be what you need to write that fantastic copy. Ciao!

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