Copywriting Competition: Tell us a story.

We have a winner of our “Tell us a story” competition.
Congratulations to Jessica Lohmann with her winning entry:
Upon landing in Frankfurt, 7416 kilometers away from ‘home’, I felt nauseous because my life as I knew it was about to change.
A huge thank you to all who took the time to enter and also to vote.
We will be posting our next competition in a couple of weeks time so keep a look out!
We all love a good story, whether reading or listening to one, or writing or telling one ourselves.
This month we have thrown the gauntlet down to really challenge you guys.
We are asking you to write a short story, in 25 words or less.
This was inspired by a picture we posted on our FB page a while ago.
We felt that if a college student could do such a good job, then you gifted and talented copywriters could do even better!
The criteria of the competition is as follows:
– You must use 25 words or less.
– Each story must reference an emotion, a location and one fact.
The Grand Prize
We have also made a change to our prize. This month we will be giving the lucky, sorry talented, winner The Essential George Orwell Boxed Set.
We’re also running a Copywriter of the Year competition, with cash prizes, and the winner will automatically be entered into it.
Rules of the ‘Tell us a story’ copywriting competition
You can enter as many times as you like – but every entry must be your own work. We will ‘Google test’ entries by running them through the search engine to see if the story has been used elsewhere.
Closing date
The closing date is the 02/09/2015, so you have until then to post your entry.
We will then make a selection of the top three and post them on our social media channels (Twitter, FB and Linkedin). Whichever entry gets the most likes/retweets/comments within a week wins.
How to enter?
It’s easy, just scroll down to the comments box below and type in your entry. Post your personal details as well so we can contact you and link to you at the end if you win. You can also comment on other people’s entries if you like their ideas.
Get your thinking caps on, let the creative juices flow and good luck.

Thank you to Grammarly for their constant inspiration.

105 replies
    • JA Junior
      JA Junior says:

      Lost in quiet desperation, knowing that Foxwoods Casino wouldn’t give me a mulligan, I was petrified. I couldn’t fucking believe I did it again.

  1. Kuda Jinya
    Kuda Jinya says:

    “Silence is often our hearts pretending to cope,” realization echoed as he gazed on from atop the 2440m peak of Chimanimani mountain. He missed her.

  2. Justin Schlaffer
    Justin Schlaffer says:

    I searched my heart for happiness. But it wasn’t there. My gut told me, “I have a feeling that’s found in the brain.”

  3. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    As the box opened my photographs drifted to the ground, whispering words from my past that should have stayed hidden. I felt broken, once again.

  4. Dean Grgic
    Dean Grgic says:

    Tears flowed down her face in the kitchen when she told me, “Next time you chop an onion.”

  5. Rebecca Greenwood
    Rebecca Greenwood says:

    I overcame my fear of crossing the road on holiday in Vietnam. There are 4 million scooters in Ho Chi Minh, yet I felt safer.

  6. Rebecca Greenwood
    Rebecca Greenwood says:

    With every birthday that passes I feel braver. I don’t need to occupy just one location I am free to expand my horizons.

  7. Rebecca Greenwood
    Rebecca Greenwood says:

    I didn’t expect the life that I have but this one, right here, works just fine. Where it will go next, no one knows.

  8. Madeline Ward
    Madeline Ward says:

    There were no fistulas in Delaware before my war. Like tears and the pain of the years, it all leaks out of her towards me.

  9. Grant Shanks
    Grant Shanks says:

    Featherless parrots plummet rather than fly. Disraeli was moulting when his ladylove sang from across the street. Five floors and Bond Street traffic below. Bugger!

  10. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones says:

    This is a story with 24 words.
    Writers love a 25-word-or-less challenge, especially when writing on the beach.
    It’s now finished.

  11. Lucia Robatto
    Lucia Robatto says:

    Once again his heart spoke first and then the brain stopped it. You owe me a kiss, the one you didn’t give me in Jerusalem.

  12. Alexia
    Alexia says:

    She had it all. A bad job, a broken relationship, responsibilities. All things needed to brake free from your home and start over.

  13. Alexia
    Alexia says:

    It’s 6 o’clock. She’s hungry. She will be married soon, leave the city… But, she is still hungry.
    It’s 7:30. Silence. Where is she?

  14. Alexia
    Alexia says:

    I woke up in Athens today with superpowers. I could move things. I moved my heart a bit too much though. Time to move on.

  15. Maru
    Maru says:

    Right here, right now, he’s facing a blank page and the judges of a contest who he knows he’ll probably disappoint.

  16. Maru
    Maru says:

    She cried, screamed and was driven insane by those four walls before becoming silent. Now she realizes death isn’t for everyone.

  17. Maru
    Maru says:

    Right here, right now, a nine-year-old is facing a blank space and the judges of a contest who have the power to change his ordinary life.

  18. Maru
    Maru says:

    No longer excited to read short stories in that bright, crowded room. ¨Wake up¨, his conscience told him, ¨it’s time to choose¨.

  19. Maru
    Maru says:

    Standing at the bar, he saw the ice sculpture melt, fading away like the perspective of a happy, anonymous life. He had become someone.

  20. Maru
    Maru says:

    ¨Write from your heart¨, she thought before fainting in the threshold. She had read the best short story ever written in a piece of flesh.

  21. Maru
    Maru says:

    ¨Awesome! A second chance!¨, a first chance said. Another patient at the hospital then whispered in my ear ¨who’s he talking to? No one’s there¨.

  22. Maru
    Maru says:

    Freefalling down the cliff, he wondered how many would be alive if he hadn’t said it would be named after the last person to jump.

  23. Marcos
    Marcos says:

    5 years passed… a surprise visit to parents in Brazil: tears, hugs, kisses, caipirinhas, tanned and extra kilos in the belly back to London.

  24. Claire Monica
    Claire Monica says:

    He was in a city, his thighs wet, unsure if he should be embarrassed yet.
    He awaited impatiently to get out of bed but it hadn’t been 9 months yet.
    The world is round she said, calm as water, watching her foot slip off the edge of nowhere.
    It took only one grenade to annihilate the screaming kids in the courtyard. My guilt pieced them back together again.

  25. Emily
    Emily says:

    “Don’t jump!” Screamed the cop, holding a base jumper at gun point. The guy laughed and yelled: “YOLO!”, as he fell from the rooftop.

  26. Sarah Poel
    Sarah Poel says:

    My fingers linger on the bell button. It feels so cold. Coming home will never be the same again.

  27. Sarah Poel
    Sarah Poel says:

    Behind him, the office door closed with a bang. Strange how nine long years can fit in a cardboard box.

  28. Benedict Paul
    Benedict Paul says:

    ‘I was sad I had lost the Copywriter Collective London tagline contest but I promised myself I would never give up.’

  29. D.M. Hunter
    D.M. Hunter says:

    Whale and Tide. Frolic they did in the Arctic blue. The environmentalist watched in awe. Committed to this noble cause for planet and humanity.

  30. Andrew Stiller
    Andrew Stiller says:

    As dawn broke, I threw the last of my pills into the Delaware River. I’m dancing without a net and it feels strangely exhilarating.

  31. Andrew Stiller
    Andrew Stiller says:

    Clouds in the Tuscan sky shield the full moon from the last heat wave of the season. Olive trees weep at the summer’s passing.

  32. Andrew Stiller
    Andrew Stiller says:

    A normal heart beats about 60 times per minute. But since you went away, mine is silenced in a resin of pain.

  33. A Salo
    A Salo says:

    Like trying to squeeze blood from a stone, I’m driven crazy chasing a woman who won’t be mine, won’t be loved. I’m lost.

  34. Niki Holt
    Niki Holt says:

    Poor old Ricky Carter fell in love and lost his head. He’s on his way to heaven cause the silly bugger’s dead.

  35. Niki Holt
    Niki Holt says:

    We are the smallest of parts. Speck, speck, speck-ulators carrying wrecking balls inside our heads and punching holes in hearts.

  36. Niki Holt
    Niki Holt says:

    2am on a Saturday with a back beat. Brown eyes blue choke on a promise in a rented room til dawn and call it phenomenon.

  37. victor
    victor says:

    Private Mail Bag CT51, Accra, Ghana, is my address. Notify me when you send in the George Orwell’s please. I can’t wait!!!

  38. Larry G.
    Larry G. says:

    In 1984, a clergyman’s daughter, feeling down and out in Paris and London, fled to an animal farm on the road to Wigan Pier. (Fiction)

  39. Troy Richardson
    Troy Richardson says:

    Even with 468 square miles, it’s hard to imagine how Los Angeles has packed so much heartache into itself.

  40. Johnathon Shames
    Johnathon Shames says:

    Competition Time This months copywriting competition is a particularly challenging one. We are looking for a short story, by short we mean 25 words or less and you have to incorporate 3 things, an emotion, a location and a fact.

  41. Tal Halili
    Tal Halili says:

    You are the lines to my bedtime story and I will lose myself in you… maybe there I will find myself too.

  42. Ash
    Ash says:

    Yes! Eating my mind for five minutes, I finally entered in the contest organized by a blog started in Amsterdam.

  43. Lawrence Michael
    Lawrence Michael says:

    The writing competition deadline was unexpectedly extended. Even Eric Arthur Blair (aka George Orwell) rolled over in his Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire grave, disgusted.

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