Copywriting competition: Define the role of a copywriter

We are pleased to announce the winner of our copywriting competition.

“A Copywriter is someone who can sit in a meeting with twelve different people from twelve different departments, not understand a single word of what is going on, and yet still distil a clear and powerful proposition from the reams of jargon.”
By Tom Watts

Congratulations to Tom and many thanks to all of you who entered and who took the time to vote. Get your thinking caps at the ready for our next competition to be announced mid-Jun.

Here was the shortlist:
A) A copywriter is someone who swallows caterpillars and spits out butterflies. Christophe Delaplanche
B) A copywriter is someone who can sit in a meeting with twelve people from twelve different departments, not understand a single word of what is going on, and yet still distil a clear and powerful proposition from the reams of jargon. Tom Watts
C) A copywriter translates what people want to say into words people want to hear. Jeff Robinson
D) A great copywriter is a word wizard who weaves words into wealth by turning browsers into buyers. Kristine Smith
E) A copywriter is the secret love child of Mark Twain and a door-to-door saleswoman. Ivana
F) Copy is the poetry of business. Copywriters touch the emotions and intellect to persuade prospective buyers to see the world in particular ways, Peter Altschuler
G) A copywriter is someone who can sell ice to an Eskimo without ever using the word ‘ice’. Ashleigh
H) A copywriter practices alchemy with words, transforming base language into marketing gold. Mike Davis

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Following on from the huge success of our slogan competition we have decided to make a competition a monthly feature. It aims to be a little light relief in this highly-competitive and deadline-driven industry we work in – bringing like-minded people together for some good clean fun. Each month will be a different challenge. The lucky winner will get to choose between a beautiful leather-bound notebook or an engraved Lamy fountain pen, delivered directly to their door.

How would you define the role of a copywriter?

How many times have you been asked at a party “What do you do for a living?” and upon replying ” I’m a copywriter” been faced with a glazed expression or even a nervous laugh and an “oh, very nice.”
The term Copywriting is so often perceived incorrectly. It covers such a broad spectrum and requires many diverse skills. It is a profession that can be both exhilarating and exasperating, disappointing and rewarding.
So, put your thinking caps on and describe your profession in 50 words or less. Seriously or lightheartedly.
You have 2 weeks to come up with a definition for the role of a copywriter and a further week to choose the winner.

How the competition works

Grand prize
The lucky (sorry, most talented) winner will get the choice of a leather-bound notebook or an engraved Lamy pen. Why a notebook or pen you may ask? Well our most popular post ever, has been about people still using paper and pen. Guess what? Not a single person didn’t still use them.What’s more, the winner will be entered into the finals of our Copywriter of the Year competition, with cash prizes. Rules of the competition
You are allowed multiple entries into the ‘role of a copywriter’ competition but each entry must be original. We will ‘Google test’ your entry by running it through the search engine to see if the phrase has been used elsewhere. Any duplicates and all your entries will be disqualified.
Closing date
This competition will run for two weeks, closing on 26th May 2015.
Copywriter Collective will make a shortlist. We then throw it open to the public by posting them on our social media channels (Twitter, FB and Linkedin). Whichever entry gets the most likes/retweets/comments within a week is the winner.
How to enter?
It’s easy, just scroll down to the comments box below and define the role of a copywriter by posting a comment. Don’t forget to post your personal details so we can contact you and link to you at the end if you win. You can also comment on other people’s entries if you like their ideas.
170 replies
  1. Stefan Da Costa Gomez
    Stefan Da Costa Gomez says:

    noun | copy·writ·er \ˈkä-pē-ˌrī-tər\
    Someone who wants to be a novelist for a living but chronically lacks the inspiration to be creative enough to and is therefore compelled to write words for advertising.

  2. Christophe Delaplanche
    Christophe Delaplanche says:

    A copywriter is someone who swallows caterpillars and spits out butterflies

  3. suziette
    suziette says:

    A copywriter is an inkgud, a god of ink. Here, ink refers to the creative juice that flows from the brain to the fingers, this special ink gets you fingers moving till they type or write away; fusing alphabets into words that creates an illusion of a world where everything is special.

  4. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    I have another one >
    A copywriter IS NOT a copyright. Rather, (s)he wish (s)he always HAVE a copyright on his/her words.

  5. Christopher J. Smith
    Christopher J. Smith says:

    A copywriter is a scientist who develops specialized vaccines that eradicate particular strains of Message Blindness.
    A copywriter is a verbal optometrist who restores sight to those affected by the modern epidemic of Message Blindness.

  6. Claire Monica
    Claire Monica says:

    A copywriter is one able to use words to change lives and minds or simply to tell you how to use your shampoo.
    A copywriter is a ghost with a thousand voices. A poet and magician allowing everything in our lives to communicate with us, giving a voice to the brands we love.
    A copywriter is a purveyor of fine words on the behalf of others.
    A copywriter combines the dictionary and the poetry book to bring sense to the world.
    A copywriter is a professional chameleon and slightly mad individual who works with words for a living. A text expert able to bring clarity and magic to any message.
    A copywriter is a pen with a voice.
    A copywriter is the voice in every brand’s head, transmitted to the page.
    A copywriter is an excavator of magic and reason in a jumble of words and ideas.
    A copywriter turns ideas into words and words into action.

  7. Nosheen Jacob
    Nosheen Jacob says:

    The role of a copywriter is to be the soul of advertising. If the product is the dream, copywriters bring the dream to life. They are interpreters who take a set of facts and convert them into something meaningful and thereby, beneficial for the masses. They must be part air, part water, part earth and part fire, and know how to move skillfully between the elements. For sometimes, they must be all earth, sometimes all fire or air or water. At others, they must be a mixture of two or three or all four. The better you are, the more easily you flow, swim, run and fly.

  8. Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson says:

    A copywriter defines the indefinable. Makes the intangible tangible. Builds bridges between the now and all possible futures. All through the power of ideas.
    By pen, keyboard or thumbling on a mobile, a lone copywriter can take a muddy marketer’s scratchings and form them into an irresistible neural package.

  9. Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson says:

    The copywriter is the unsung hero of the upward sales curve. You know that tune and you sure as hell can’t forget it.
    You’re just not sure who wrote it.

  10. Jairam
    Jairam says:

    Centre to state,table to plate,when left to write,we make mountains mate.This crudely describes what we copywriters do.Sometimes we write to bring a piece of materialism to life and at other times we write to encourage people to bring that same piece into their life.

  11. Nelly
    Nelly says:

    The copywriter’s job is to come up with the words that will make you buy whatever their subject.

    • Michael Shaw
      Michael Shaw says:

      And remember- creativity is the ability to hide your sources. So if you steal my line, tweak it a little! So is this crowd sourcing for your next promotional piece?

  12. Jeff Robinson
    Jeff Robinson says:

    1) I translate what people want to say into words people want to hear.
    2) Like a sculptor who takes away all the rock that doesn’t look like the statue inside, I take away everything that clouds understanding and emotional engagement, leaving behind the simplest and most evocative words I can use.
    3) As a copywriter, I use the fewest words I can to convey the most I can.
    4) Your time is valuable. My job is to give you all my client wants to say packed into the fewest words you want to read.
    5) Copywriting is the art of making the complex sound simple.
    6) Reading great copy is like having great sex. You feel it without having to think about it.
    7) Copywriting is like packing for a trip. The more efficient you are, the less you have to carry.
    8) The copywriter is like a chef. Our work is usually only noticed when it’s done badly.

  13. Shashwata
    Shashwata says:

    A copywriter is a catalyst ; A wordsmith who can enable goal-driven transformation.

  14. Kristine M Smith
    Kristine M Smith says:

    A great copywriter is a word wizard who weaves words into wealth by turning browsers into buyers.
    A great copywriter is a wordsmith, a transformer, a magician, a spellbinder.
    A great copywriter dances with words, distills benefits into compelling, converting talking points, and makes clear hard-to-understand technical terms.
    A great copywriter builds brands and creates memorable slogans and taglines.
    A great copywriter sells, tells, compels, and propels the people who want or need a product or service.
    A great copywriter knows how to approach your prospect and blow in his or her ear, knows how to create a little romance and intrigue.
    (If you Google these, you’ll find they’re my own. I wrote them from scratch.)

  15. suziette
    suziette says:

    A copywriter rapes your mind with words; words that can get you to do what you do not want to do. It turns you to an action character. You believe you are who you are because of the brand it tell syou makes you ‘you’ lol

  16. Michael Modes
    Michael Modes says:

    Copywriters give Creative Directors who can’t write but really liked English class in High School a chance to enforce the AP Style Guide and delete random words that make them sad for unexplained emotional reasons.

  17. Muktobrinda Dash
    Muktobrinda Dash says:

    The one who is seduced by the mind of a brand.
    The one willing to scour the thesaurus – again.
    The one humble enough to accept a great idea from anyone.
    The one who writes to create a belief instead of mindlessly sell.

  18. Muktobrinda Dash
    Muktobrinda Dash says:

    A copywriter is someone who knows the brand is bigger than his ego. He writes to address a problem, and not to impress himself.

  19. Shashwata
    Shashwata says:

    A copywriter spins a web to make a reluctant audience stick for good.
    ( Fixing my typo…not plagiarizing myself.)

  20. Richard Mann
    Richard Mann says:

    A writer with the skills to take a sow’s ear to a client only to hear “What a beautiful silk purse!”

  21. Maggie Poupli
    Maggie Poupli says:

    Copywriter, a juggler of thoughts and ideas that need to be tossed and played around as they are manifested into entertaining and captivating words. Oh and let’s not forgett, copywriting is that one thing everybody in the world thinks they can do.

  22. Šárka Hinzová
    Šárka Hinzová says:

    Copywriter is a CLARIFIER! Our texts mainly help the client to clarify his mind, what would he like to say about his product…

  23. Andra Cretu
    Andra Cretu says:

    The copywriting could be an art…the art to manage the words, being able to transmit ideas, feelings, concepts, benefits, relates…through an appropriate content, that those who are reading, to consider that is relevant, usefull, nice, valuable…and the copywriter…the artist…

  24. Robert Allen Lown
    Robert Allen Lown says:

    A copywriter. To enter the mind of the target audience one at a time and make a connection. To figure out their deepest desires and worst fears. To learn their language and use it to persuade them. To leave them wanting more from each written line, until they have consumed all, and are begging for desert. Which is then delivered through a call to action. Short and sweet, clear and concise.

  25. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Someone who writes great texts and comes up with groundbreaking ideas is called a copywriter, because fuckin’ awesome is not an official job title.

  26. Sean Stancioff
    Sean Stancioff says:

    A copywriter, sales a product using compelling words that conveys a message that grabs the attention of the client.

  27. Sean Stancioff
    Sean Stancioff says:

    A copywriter, sales a product using compelling words that conveys a message that grabs the attention of the client. A successful copy will make the client is salivate for the product.

  28. Helen Beckingham
    Helen Beckingham says:

    A copywriter understands the seductive power of words. We talk to you, weaving the magic of emotional persuasion around the solid core of facts and features. And then we start editing…

  29. Tom Watts
    Tom Watts says:

    A copywriter is someone who can sit in a meeting with twelve people from twelve different departments, not understand a single word of what is going on, and yet still distil a clear and powerful proposition from the reams of jargon.
    Someone who can produce the right message for the right audience and delivery channel.

  30. Gillian Jones
    Gillian Jones says:

    “Copywriting is about using words to give life to an idea, to a product or a brand – and making it real, making it a tangible thing, something that goes from being 1 to 3 dimensional in a person’s mind. It’s about word play and using it to reach people.”

  31. Elisabeth P
    Elisabeth P says:

    As a non-but-adequate-to-become-one, as I see it, a copywriter is a person who is obliged to do brainstorming all alone, to present its results all alone, to have fabulous ideas and to hope they become glorious and paid. Isn’t she/he?

  32. jim
    jim says:

    Essentially I’m a salesman in print.
    But I think in pictures not just words.
    But before my ‘thinking’ ever sees the light of day, it runs the gauntlet of the Creative Director, Account People, Clients.
    Then, after it has been published, broadcast or streamed, I tell people I’m a copywriter.

  33. Josh Fahey
    Josh Fahey says:

    Here’s how the conversation goes…
    Do you watch Mad Men?
    If the answer is yes I say, “I’m Peggy.” And they understand and are interested and I explain further.
    If the answer is no I say, “I work in the creative department at an dd agency.” If they want to know more I answer questions and explain further. They usually don’t.

  34. Halina
    Halina says:

    A copywriter creates content that motivates minds, redefines regulations, counters conventions, rescues reputations, promotes passions, and connects entire countries. A copywriter changes the world with words.

  35. Everett Gavel
    Everett Gavel says:

    The ‘soul purpose’ of a great Copywriter is to craft the messages that sell whatever it is that you offer. We persuade your markets to love it, tell their friends about you, and come back for more – again and again.

  36. Rami aldbk
    Rami aldbk says:

    Well, you asked how to explain the role of a copywriter for someone who wonders.
    The answer must be simple and digastable, the simplest way to say what I do or any copywriter do is this:
    The copywriter is an artist who draws in the imagination of the reader a voice and sometimes an imaginary person telling him something. Selling, promoting an idea, giving an advice or asking for it, inviting to an event or just telling some information.
    He writes his words to creat a PR guy, marketing executive, sales person, a promotions lady or a story teller. All shaped as an online or offline words. His words are alive, the talk to the reader in a tone the transfer emotions and bring out hidden ones from the readers needs. They convince and warn, they help and ask for help.
    Simply those words communicate with the readers for a reason. The copywriter design them to get the job done. A job that includes everything a human being talk can includes to get a result out of the readers reaction. Might be purchasing decision or just a like. Well at least an information to be received properly in his / her mind.
    That was the first one ..
    another one
    A copywriter is a passionate person who’s not just in love with the words but in affect of those words on the readers life. He/she writes to get results.
    Okay last one.
    Think of the copywriter as a recruitment specialist. When you need a salesman, marketer, news teller, entertainer, etc. He will bring you the best in the market. But what makes him/her better than the normal recruitment people; is that he / she hires words for you that will get the job done. That’s less costs, an employee ( the words ) who’s more flexible and adjustable and changing ability. Working for 24 hours and appearing to your audience when they call for your product ( like on google ).
    Guys, readers
    Forgive my immaturity through the previous tries. I am still a super beginner but I won’t last for long hopefully. I am quiting my job in one month to focus on copywriting. I just described what I think will be doing in the next 10 years of my life.
    I love this group and I am learning a lot from everyone. Thanks again and again and agai and ag…..

  37. Fadi Hleiss
    Fadi Hleiss says:

    A copywriter is a fountain of practical, concise and simplified information, given intelligently to an audience eager to better their lives.

  38. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    I am the copywriter: I do not speak
    like normal
    people; I write out loud for money
    I am the copywriter: I steal needs
    from wishes, I weave wants, seed
    yearnings, in my sleep I hypnotise

    HELEN C. HOLT says:

    Copywriting is a marriage of creativity and business marketing using the written word. Bad copywriting consists of just words while great copywriting uses words to convey a brand or a message that resonates with its audience- everything from website visitors to newsletter subscribers.

  40. Antoniya K Zorluer
    Antoniya K Zorluer says:

    A copywriter:
    A professional writer that conveys very important messages with very few words, like “Just Do It!”
    A psychologist that by understanding the audience uses words to provide value and create action, like “Open happiness.”
    An advertiser and persuader that makes you think what could be, like a “Connecting people.”
    This is all one single entry, 50 words of what it is to be a copywriter.

  41. Kuda Jinya
    Kuda Jinya says:

    The copywriter is the undiscovered writer masquerading as a one-line advertising wonder. He/she is endowed with infinite imagination limited only by existing vocabulary, life experience and the ‘creativity’ of the clientele.
    Talents commonly misunderstood as imitable or superfluous.
    Mission in life: Come up with a line as memorable as ‘Lemon’.

  42. Sarah Graybill
    Sarah Graybill says:

    A copywriter is a person without the impairing blockage between the brain and fingertips that most people have.
    It is a person whose job title is about as glitzy and authoritative as a note on a used napkin, but whose necessity and utility is absolutely vital for any successful business or business person.
    A copywriter is a person employed by virtually every person in the world, except for people who have never purchased a greeting card…which is essentially a medium through which a copywriter helps the people of the world say what they really wanted to say.
    Or, at least, say it better than they can.
    A copywriter is the person you see editing the menus and pamphlets wherever they go during typical daily outings, the person who says “well” every time you tell them you’re “doing good,” and the person who always makes other people feel like crap about their cards and thank-you notes.
    When it comes to editing, a copywriter is always willing.
    But the faint of heart or weak in spirit are no match for us and our red pens or “tracked changes”…so be warned.

  43. Mike McFarland
    Mike McFarland says:

    A copywriter is a systematic problem solver who invites words to mingle on a blank canvas. By joining each word strategically, the copywriter has created a bridge for the business to connect with the consumer’s wants and desires.

  44. Alex
    Alex says:

    A copywriter is a lot like an actor: we’re hired to “make it work.” It starts with a client and a specific goal already in mind. The copywriter’s strategically articulated words are the bridge to get everyone else to that goal.

  45. Mark Burkholder
    Mark Burkholder says:

    A copywriter distills their brand’s voice down to its essence, then infuses that essence into every message that crosses in front of a customer’s eyes. They are the brand storyteller, aiming to hone and shape a brand’s narrative while clarifying what makes it unique and desirable.

  46. Tom
    Tom says:

    A copywriter is a factory. We take input in a wide variety of forms, of varying degrees of value and relevance, and transform that input into a clear, coherent message that gets results.

  47. jody
    jody says:

    Copywriter: restores faith in humanity by sharing how to first restore faith in one’s self.

  48. Jason Stanford
    Jason Stanford says:

    A copywriter is Johannes Factotum. Google it!
    “He is as well able to bumbast out a blank verse as the best of you.”

  49. Shashwata
    Shashwata says:

    A copywriter creates a sense of anticipation, excitement, and urgency about an entity.

  50. Daniel Reinhardt
    Daniel Reinhardt says:

    The role of a Copywriter:
    a) A professional who brings to the table a mix of communication and marketing expertise. The copywriter is a creative individual who crafts compelling, emotion-evoking copy to either promote awareness, educate, or convert.
    b) A good writer who makes you lots of money.
    c) Me.

  51. Curtis David
    Curtis David says:

    A Copywriter is a person who can persuade people emotionally to buy a product, sign-up for a newsletter, or basically answer a call to action successfully without the prospect saying no to the sales promotion.

  52. Kevin Zimmermann
    Kevin Zimmermann says:

    To translate ideas into words that cannot be misinterpreted; to transform abstract concept into clear understanding; to so poke the imagination that a collective “Aha!” is experienced by all who read; a well-honed craft that can do all this – that is the role of the copywriter.

    • David Heintzelman
      David Heintzelman says:

      No! Abstract concepts are far more powerful. What are you even talking about? Are you talking about writing how-to manuals maybe? Directions for putting together an Ikea cabinet? Are you in the wrong place? What on earth is going on here I’m so confused!

  53. Anthony Policci
    Anthony Policci says:

    The role of the copywriter is to uncover, understand and communicate the emotional message that will move the hearts and minds of the reader to take action. In the same way a skilled actor can mesmerize an audience, making them believe that what they see onstage is really happening, a copywriter must be able to use words to draw their audience into the story, the promise or the reality. The copywriter must also be like a skilled trial attorney, able to present one piece of evidence after another, in a systematic way that removes doubt, delivers proof and then…like a supreme closing argument, convinces his “jury” of the right decision.

  54. Ashleigh
    Ashleigh says:

    A copywriter is someone who can sell ice to an Eskimo without ever using the word ‘ice’.

  55. Mike Davis
    Mike Davis says:

    A copywriter practices alchemy with words, transforming base language into marketing gold.

    • David Heintzelman
      David Heintzelman says:

      Impossible. Unless it’s a made up word and you ask a thousand people its meaning. Then I suppose you’d get a thousand pictures. Not sure how that would sell anything though.

  56. Earl Hunt
    Earl Hunt says:

    A copywriter crafts a compelling message to a particular audience to elicit a specific response.

  57. Earl Hunt
    Earl Hunt says:

    A limerick:
    A copywriter takes mountains of words
    and forms gold from conceptual turds.
    But he learns right away
    when it comes to the pay,
    that his calling is quite for the birds.

  58. Gayle Gallagher
    Gayle Gallagher says:

    A copywriter siphons the precious “yes” from the consumer’s brimming reservoir of “no.”

  59. Lisa Papada
    Lisa Papada says:

    A writer of copy falls down a rabbit hole into a sea of letters, meticulously grabs onto the right one’s, and creates words that encompass an experience.

    • David Heintzelman
      David Heintzelman says:

      I don’t know. I am sort of offended when client assumes there is some magic adjective or verb they themselves could not find in the exact same thesaurus I’m using which will somehow make everything okay.
      It’s the right angle, not the words. Once you have that words are the easy part.

  60. David Levin
    David Levin says:

    Copywriter: Holla’in for that dolla’ — via brand guidelines and client approvals, of course.

  61. Mike Davis
    Mike Davis says:

    A copywriter helps business owners demonstrate the value of their products or services through the power of compelling and persuasive written communication.

  62. Judy Doell
    Judy Doell says:

    Being a copywriter is like being an actor. We portray a different company (character) with each of the different company voices and we’re always audiance focused.

    • David Heintzelman
      David Heintzelman says:

      If I were to ever say something like that, I would say this:
      We’re actors on a paper stage.
      The rest could have been assumed… but what do I know I’m just a copywriter.

    • David Heintzelman
      David Heintzelman says:

      mmm… I’m morally against poetry that doesn’t rhyme (sorry goth kids and too-self-involved adults) and most copywriting does not rhyme. I’d have to say no to that. Nonfiction is iffy. Every ad should have a story, even if it is a short one, and that story is almost always fiction, whether the benefits of the star product are true or not.

  63. Rick Siderfin
    Rick Siderfin says:

    Copywriter: One who takes the needs, desires, and wants of a market place and uses the power of the written word to focus these feelings on a specific product or service

  64. Francis Owusu-Dampare
    Francis Owusu-Dampare says:

    A copywriter is a highfalutin who thinks his/her “chicken scratch” would sell… And guess what? It does!

  65. Jessica Sedem Agbanu
    Jessica Sedem Agbanu says:

    A copywriter simplifies a client’s confused goals into a sales generating and attention grabbing campaign.

  66. Axel Craven
    Axel Craven says:

    Copywriter is an ant choreographer who creates word compositions from them to charm all the anteaters in target audience.

  67. Glenn Bossik
    Glenn Bossik says:

    A copywriter sells an experience. This storyteller uses the written word to convince consumers that a specific product can be used to live the perfect life.

  68. Christian Lindhath
    Christian Lindhath says:

    It’s commercial journalism and storytelling in one. We follow all the rules on ‘how to write’ set by Ogilvy, Ernest Hemmingway and other famous writers. Then we take a good look at the target group analysis and communicate the message in their language.

  69. Christian Lindhath
    Christian Lindhath says:

    It’s the copywriters finest assignment to sculpt an advertising concept into sensible messages. We keep moulding and chiselling until Patrick Swayze – the art director – says ‘enough’ and wants to celebrate.

  70. Vamshi Bandi
    Vamshi Bandi says:

    You know a copywriter has done a great job when something like religion was made to look so attractive and convinced entire civilizations to follow it, all through a book and a compelling title.

  71. Vamshi Bandi
    Vamshi Bandi says:

    Men of few words, wanted!
    Eccentric non-conformist creatures cursed with a vivid imagination, a knack for puns, dark sarcasm and an inherent ability to persuade with words.

  72. Nuntxi Lopez
    Nuntxi Lopez says:

    Copywriter is a person stuck to a bulb and whoever translates sparks into words (sometimes also drinks them). Copywriters think how selling a product or service through one or several channels with a global concept and write contents for this commercial proposal. In short, right words from brilliant ideas.

  73. Sergio Pellicer
    Sergio Pellicer says:

    Mum doesn’t understand what your job is about. ‘Copywhat?’. Grandma knows you make ads, but she’s never seen you on TV. Dad regrets you didn’t became a doctor… and Lucy thinks you’re lying: ‘3:00 a.m. again?’.
    But you write anyway, ’cause you were born to make people dream.

  74. Dennis Parker
    Dennis Parker says:

    A copy writer is like a story teller, we use a headline just like the author of a book uses a title to capture your attention. After getting your attention they keep your attention by giving you information that you interested. Pretty soon you are hooked on the information, and you want more. So take action and go after what you are looking for. A copy writer is a awesome sales person that sells you with words in print

  75. mike
    mike says:

    Copy writing is the worlds least physical job.
    Done to perfection it is distilled to the writing of just a single word.

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