Copywriter of the week : Stephanie Wollenberg

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I’ve spent close to a decade creating concepts, inventive taglines, refreshing re-brand ideas–you name it–for Nike, Deliveroo, American Express, Philips and Helping brands “speak” is my thing. That’s why since I started I’ve dabbled in freelance and full-time, both client and agency-side, with stints at Steel London, Industry Branding and Watson & Co.


In my eyes, the best thing about copywriting is not just the imagination, but the collaboration. You can literally see the idea sparks fly when a designer and writer sit down and sync up. And I’ve had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented people who continue to push boundaries no matter how small the brief.

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Amsterdam is a hot cooking pot of creativity and it’s full to the brim with freelancers, so much so that the entrepreneurial energy is almost tangible. The city is flexing to our groove too, now with a co-working space on every corner, freelancer events and heaps of online support from the government.

So how did I get here? Before moving my life canal-side three years ago, I was living and working as a copywriter in central London. And what a gear shift. The big smoke (quite literally!) is an inspiring but relentless city, so I took my life off fast forward, bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam and I’ve never looked back since.

In my career I’m most proud of the work I’ve done for Nike. Specifically developing a new tone of voice for NikeWomen, rolling out a Back to School Collection concept across EMEA and creating Black Friday ideas to work for both digital and retail.

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One of the clients I’m working with right now is Otiumberg, an e-commerce jewellery brand based in London. They’re a great client because I’ve been involved from day one, defining their tone of voice, creating content for the website, and collaborating with designers on ads and ideas for social.

But what sets me apart from other copywriters? Well, shaping up an idea and an original way to express it comes very naturally to me. I was blessed with a vivid imagination and an instinctive curiosity about what makes people tick. I also have the ability to relate to people, which is invaluable as a copywriter. In fact, some of the best campaigns I know speak from one human to another in a simple, emotive way.

If I could freelance anywhere else right now it would have to be Berlin. Almost everyone you brush shoulders with is a creative and there’s something compelling behind the city’s rebellious stark aesthetic. Perhaps next year…

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