Copywriter of the week : Novi


Hi, I’m Novi.

I found the communication industry as my creative roots since 2004, while currently, I’m in love with my playground in transcreations , startups content creation and localisation. Currently, I’m working with some Transcreation Agencies for Indonesian market, also with some specialization in content writing, strategic planning, cultural consultancy.

Since the first year I worked as copywriter, I have been involving in brand building from the scratch, hands-on together with Strategic Planners, so I had the chance to explore any kind of mediums and crafting their storytelling based on their own unique characteristic, especially in the content co-creation with some startups that localize their contents to Indonesian market.

Actually, hardly said that I’m working because most of the time I don’t feel that I’m working, I just feel that I’m creating, playing along with ideas, giving some advice, writing, and even delivering the work efficiently and effectively always been the key that contributes the happiness into me). That commitment to pour every little joy in every way of my work, after a decade of being a copywriter gives me even more love into my work and myself, day by day. It changes the relationship on how I contribute to every project that needs my expertise.

I decided to become an Independent Copywriter after resigning from the last advertising agency in Jakarta as Creative Group Head in 2012, to re-invent myself and my career path, including being able to work as a location-independent copywriter. That was a really good decision because year by year I found to be an Independent Copywriter fits me the most, instead of working in an agency or company.

The type of copywriting work that I like also has changed year by year, tagged along with social networks, interests and my yearly purpose. There are some years when I was into travel and hospitality, social innovations, startups and small-medium enterprises, and culture and beauty, but there are two fields that almost never changed and become my specializations until now: technology, foods, transcreations and cultural consultation.

Writing about technology invites me to be part of how human beings make their life becomes easier and more connected to each other, while foods are the essence of a happy soul. It’s been the heart of every culture to feed themselves, more than just to feed up the body, but it gives them nutrition to their soul.

Transcreation and Cultural consultation also have been my favourite field since became an Independent Copywriter in 2012, because I have a deep interest in how human beings stay alive by understanding culture and their relationships, so this field even giving me more chances to dive deep into it while giving my clients some cultural insights and consultancies. I’ve been working with various client fields for this specialization, from technology, consumer goods, startups, health, and beauty, and especially to help them localize their content to the Indonesian market.

Generally, we know that it’s challenging to be a freelance copywriter not only in Jakarta, but I think almost everywhere in the world. The common reason to be a freelancer needs certain years of experience to build our portfolio or reputation. But to be a copywriter in Jakarta or in Indonesia these days is challenging and also exciting at the same time.

The reason is Indonesian market has been growing significantly in the last 5 years, also supported by the growing number of startups and SMEs so it means there is a big chance to be an independent copywriter right now. The demands are high, there are lots of growing business that needs help from a copywriter.

The government in Indonesia still (maybe) has no idea to help freelancers, but there are so many entrepreneurial communities in Indonesia that can be good support for being an Independent copywriter.

One of my favourite clients that I recently worked with in Jakarta was in October 2018, when he invited me to teach him a copywriting skill instead of just delivering the output, it brought me back to the stage when I just started my career – to re-learn, to unlearn and to work together with my client in a more meaningful way to nurture the brand together.

So since then, I also give some online and offline copywriting courses for SMEs in Indonesia to help my clients not only to craft their promotional materials but also to help them with some knowledge about copywriting itself.

Let’s collaborate if you find any sparkling creativity to invite me into your next creative journey!