Copywriter of the week : Heather Brown


My name is Heather Brown, and I’m a copywriter specializing in press releases. While I live near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I work with clients all over the U.S. and even around the world.

I’ve lived in Charleston, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Bryan/College Station, but living is Louisiana is my favourite because it’s home. I was born and raised here, and it feels so great to be home. I get to raise my kids, homeschool them, work with clients, and just do life here.

I live in the country and work primarily from my home office, as well as my favourite local coffee shop. Outside of writing, my interests are spending time with my family, cooking, watching scary movies, and taking care of our many animals – chickens, cats, dogs, and a rabbit.

I started copywriting after the birth of my daughter as a way to stay home with her yet still make money. I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve taken numerous business classes, so I just sort of fell into copywriting. I started writing blog posts for small companies, but I soon specialized in press releases after a client tasked me with one.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with thousands of clients. Most of my clients are small businesses, consultants, authors, indie musicians, artists, real estate professionals, and other entrepreneurs who need a little help writing something great to help promote their products and services.

I don’t really like to compare or compete with other copywriters because we are all so vastly different. I’m unique because I take a genuine interest in my clients and their companies. Also, I’m native American and English-speaking, and this all shows in my work. I take pride in creating press releases that fluidly explain what my clients want me to say while remaining engaging and concise.

Outside of press releases, I also do other copywriting. For example, I offer blog and article writing, bios and “About Me” pages, and general web content. At any given time, my workflow is full of an eclectic mix of press releases, blog posts, web page content, and bio orders for clients who vary in geographical location and industry.

That’s what I love about my career. I get to work with clients from various backgrounds, and every single one is unique. There are no two clients who are exactly alike, and that gives me the opportunity to explore new ideas, concepts, and innovations. I get to work with creators who are working to make an impact in the world. From financial tech companies to non-profits to musicians and so much more, I’m playing a small part in their goals. That’s the essence of my motivation, passion, and commitment in copywriting.

Sample 1

Some samples of my work

I’m HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified, and I work with numerous clients in digital marketing who help to keep my skills in that area at the leading-edge. When it comes to content writing, I work to create powerful, compelling pieces of copy that can be used across numerous platforms while aiding in SEO and general reach. I also offer press release distribution options for my clients.

Being a freelancer has been an interesting journey. I’ve had to learn so much along the way, and I realize many of my clients are in the same situation. I offer advice, when I can, in areas of marketing and business operations. After all, after 5 years of working with clients, you do learn a lot!

Whether you’re a prospective client or a fellow copywriter, you’re reading this, and I’m grateful. I encourage you to pursue your dreams. If you want to stay home with the kids, find a way to make it happen. If you want to make six figures, look for ways to make it a reality. If you’re looking for someone who can help write a few promotional words, I’d love to help you out.