I always thought I would live all my life in Barcelona, where the sun, the sea, the food, art and life is as pleasant as dynamic, that’s why changing all of this for an 8 million people city at 2.500 meters of height was a necessary sacrifice to continue advancing in my career as a copywriter.

Before I moved to Bogotá, I had worked and studied concretely in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a town just on the other side of the Collserola Mountain, the one who stretches the Count City with the help of the Mediterranean sea.

As the economic crisis started in Spain, my workplace as a trainee in Kantar TNS gave way to a trip in the heart of Colombia, where a close relative opened the doors for Bogotá and McCann to become my new home and workplace in order to take off my career as copywriter.

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There is no such thing as an easy beginning, but the echo of having a novel self-published (El Cangrejo Azul) helped my work to be valued and my performance easier: I was good and quick, key values in the ad madness.

Being a freelance is not easy anywhere in the world, especially in Colombia, where there is no government aids whatsoever, but being a freelance is generally going the distance, where your career path is your best card to being known, and to other clients to start trusting you. Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving a call from a new client who has seen your work and wants your talent to be part of them business.

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The best thing about living in Bogotá is without a doubt the people, their kindness and closeness from everybody around you is a fantastic feeling, where everybody tries to put a smile on your face each day and include you in every plan. And to the extent that the professional world is not so different because, after the sobriety that is required, there is always room for a little familiarity and camaraderie. That was patent in my first campaign managing for Samsung, where I was able to take charge of the TV ads production for its new Note 3 device with the help of everybody in the project.

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After 5 wonderful years, it was time to get back home and meet relatives and friends. Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga became my new destinations in which I’ve been able to work for important clients as Repsol, Coca-Cola or Hitachi, among others, writing stories for their Costumer Engagement projects, at the same time that I’m currently coursing a master’s degree in screenwriting at the Malaga Film School, where I seek to major all aspects of authentic storytelling.

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No one knows what is for the future, but I always wonder living in N.Y. or in L.A. because there are any better that succeeding in the two most dynamic cities in the world, either writing for advertising in the Big Apple, or for movies in the City of Stars, but whatever happens in the future, I know that always it will be there a blank sheet waiting in front of me in order to write it down all the ideas and stories that appear in my mind each day, because that’s what a writer do.

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