10 things you can do to get more freelance work

In these depressed times we’re all looking for more work. Here are 10 ways to help you get more freelance assignments from The Collective…

1. Say hello


Come by The Collective. There’s no substitute for meeting you to keep you top of mind. Bring chocolates or flowers or both. Or just email us regularly if it’s too far to come.

2. Collective drinks

We are having drinks in the shop on Thursday 28th May. Show your face, meet other freelancers and stay in the loop.

3. Availability

Tell us when you get a big job and you’re unavailable. Then tell us you’ve just finished, did a great job and are now available again.

4. Update your profile

Is your profile on The Collective website amazing? If it’s not as good as it could be you’re selling yourself short. Even if it’s already great, it still needs to be refreshed periodically

5. Answer your phone

Most jobs need to be done at short notice and most freelancers still don’t answer their phones straight away. Some people have lost work because of this.

6. Promote yourself

If you have time on your hands, send us your promotional ideas. We’re helping Erik and Raoul contact some clients directly because they came to us with a proposal.

7. Promote The Collective

The more work we get the more work you get. We had the idea to send a postcard to all agencies in the summer saying that we’re available when they’re on holiday. If you come up with another good idea then you’ll be the first person we recommend to get work that comes from it.

8. Blog it

Did you win a award? An important pitch? If you’ve done something amazing in the advertising world, we can write about you on our blog and in our newsletter.

9. Show your portfolio

If there’s an agency you want to show your portfolio to, let us know and we’ll arrange a meeting for you.

10. Surprise us

You’re the creative, think of something that we haven’t.

House of Orange, the photography agency, will organize a print sale next week Wednesday (20th May) of all their photographers, with small prices as low as € 20,-

17.00 – 21.00



Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 28-30


1012 RZ Amsterdam


10 things you can do to get more freelance work

Our next “borrel” will take place at the good old Collective pad on the Vijzelstraat 67. Not in the office but downstairs in the shop. Please join us May 28th from 17.00 till 19.00. See you then!