10 of the best: Advertising Slogans

Advertising slogans have long been the pitch where brands and products are either made or broken.

A great advertising slogan can catch on fast with the general public and help to sell a product by increasing its brand reputation many times over.

Applemusic player apple

The ones we seem to remember all have something in common: they are short, meaningful, fairly easy to remember and linked to a product or service that is worth buying. When Apple released its iPod and iPod Touch products, it marketed sales by throwing in the slogan, “1,000 Songs in your Pocket” and it was a statement that summed-up the product’s convenience truthfully in an easy to remember one-liner. (Category: benefit driven)


Budweiser’s “King of Beers” gave consumers and the general public the impression that you were buying a beer that had quality and taste that was a notch or so up from other brands. It also managed to use red and white labelling and gave an impression that it really was the king beer in town. Kind of ironic since, IMHO, it’s one of the worst beers in the world which just goes to prove that a slogan doesn’t always have to be true. And many advertising experts, like Tonya Cassell, would agree with me here.



M&Ms used the slogan “M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand” and it attracted sweets lovers because nobody likes sticky hand where chocolate ends up melting all over your hands and fingers – but of course we are all happy with it melting in our mouths. (Category: benefit driven)

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Motorcycles’ slogan “American by Birth, Rebel by Choice” was a real winner with the biker community who were both proud to be an American and were rebellious in nature and their bemotorbikeliefs. It really tunes in to the spirit of the target audience. (Category: emotion driven)

Porsche and Calvin Klein

Porsche is a supercar and when it stated that “There is no substitute” it really meant it. Can’t argue with that, can you? I’m still saving up for mine. And what about Calvin Klein and its perfume and after shave products’ slogan, “Between love and madness lies Obsession”. It’s brilliant, because it promotes the persona of being in love, madly and obsessively. (Category: emotion driven)

Nike and Burger King

Ah, the King of Slogans. Nike’s “Just Do It” is very simple and easy to remember and makes a real statement to us procrastinators out there. It makes no reference to athletics or sport and yet manages to make us want to get up off our collective fat ass. (Category: emotion driven)

hamburgerThe Burger King slogan that says “Have it your Way” expresses the fact that you can choose what you have inside your burger. This was its key differentiator from other, perhaps more famous, brands of burger beginning with M. (Category: benefit driv

Nokia (and Ronseal)

Finally Nokia made a statement that shouted “Connecting People” which pretty much does what it says on the tin (which, incidentally is another great, great slogan). The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer connected people with one another and using just the two words made this slogan easy to remember. (Category: descriptive)

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  1. Gerry Clemons
    Gerry Clemons says:

    The big brands get all the attention. There are local businesses in metro areas filled with talented creatives who will give away their best work to after hour businesses after wrestling with idiot clients nine to five (More like 7:30 to 6:15.)

    My favorite among these was a bar in either Atlanta or Minneapolis with the slogan “Where smart people go to get stupid.”

    “Just do it” is getting wobbly after all those years of running up mountain roads.

    “The ultimate driving machine” has become “The endless maintenance machine.”

    “Have it your way” actually gained relevance again while CPB was in charge. I don’t believe anymore and stopped going there the day they fired Crispen.

  2. Vijay
    Vijay says:

    It’s true that great slogans are based gut feeling and team is responsible to own the slogan as if it is their life. Intel Inside was again a good line. King of good times, most of these lines are driven by Obsessed owner of the brand.
    If you treat slogan just like a slogan then it will not have any connect with the end user. It has to go beyond the normal and drive the brand inside the heart of an individual and stay on top of mind

    Nice to go through this article

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