Writing and Translation: How To Translate Your Copywriting

Copywriting is probably the most important digital marketing tool in web content but not many people know that it is even more effective when combined with web translation. The need to write persuasive texts on the internet is the reason why every website that offers a product or a service is doing copywriting. The more direct the message, the better. And many companies that have a website for digital marketing take this rule very seriously. Writing and translation help you go above your competitors. Let us see how to achieve effective translation.

Work with Professionals

Many writers usually spend more time developing their writing style and perfecting it in the native language. It is unrealistic to think that the average copywriter masters the rudiments of content translation. It is noteworthy that the creation of target language content shouldn’t be the copywriter’s job. Even if a copywriter is multilingual, it is too much to ask of a copywriter who only writes in English for example to create other versions of his content in other languages. This important job can be taken care of by the services of a translation company. You could easily find them online. All you need as a copywriter is to submit the final draft, free of errors so that the service of translation is administered. You could use Grammarly to make sure there is no error.

Leverage on Multilingual SEO

It is very important to know the right SEO approach for any location especially if you are going through the trouble of translating your website to be readable in another country. You need to be sure that the literal translations are the same as the terms most likely used. This is where Google translate comes in handy. Most times, a search engine algorithm could confuse keywords that are poorly translated. Instead of ranking high, you find yourself not anywhere near your goal. The keywords may not even register as what you thought they were. Many copywriters prefer to employ a human translator in this case of a multilingual SEO approach.

Translate Visuals

A particular ideology may appeal to diverse people differently. Visuals in terms of pictures and videos are not left out here. Images included in your posts on social media or websites are supposed to be carefully selected to convey the exact message you are meaning to pass across. Changes have to be made for each location depending on their culture. Symbols and colors have different meanings in different locations and to be able to nail this perfectly, you may need to hire the services of a localization expert. You don’t want to offend your audience right from your first post in a particular location as it could totally mar your chances of winning that location over to your customer base.

Follow the Law Everywhere You Go

This is very important when transcreating. In the US there are regulations about making false advertising claims. There are similar rules in place in some other countries and you want to be very careful when translating your copywriting. If you go against their laws, it will be at your own peril as you would not be able to do business in that location. The healthcare industry can be very strict in some countries about what is implied in comparison to what is proven. You need to seek legal advice when you are not sure about the laws of any land. Never assume that everywhere has the same rules.

Exercise Care When Using Machine Translation

In a bid not to hire professionals in the translation business and pay some fees, some copywriters tend to use machine translation programs. While this may work in some cases when your writeup is straightforward and does not require any critical understanding, it is still possible that it doesn’t achieve the nuance necessary to produce a perfect text. If you decide to work with machine translation tools, hire a professional to proofread and edit your final text in the target language. That should reduce your fee but you should really get someone to proofread for perfection.

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Final Word on Writing and Translation

Translating your copywriting is good because, with this, you will be able to capture the attention of other locations. It would be better if you didn’t translate at all than do it wrongly. Create time and resources into making sure that you are never sending the wrong message during transcreation. Hire professionals to help you do the job. They know what to do and that is why they are in the business. A good piece of web content with appropriate translation will get you that traffic you desire. You just need to get it right from the start.