Why You Want a Copywriter Who Is In Love With Your Customer

You know it’s important to fall in love with your customer. Or perhaps you don’t.

There’s an unfortunate trend in some larger organizations to focus on process and methodologies almost to the exclusion of focusing on the customer. This is a bad idea.

There will always be a need for more efficient systems but a company wouldn’t survive long without customers. And the company who doesn’t have their ear to the ground on a consistent basis discovering what their target market wants, is a company that will eventually lose its way.

Maybe you need to outsource part of your marketing and decided to hire a copywriter. Here are some things to consider:

A Copywriter Cares More About What Your Customer Thinks Than What You Think – And That’s A Good Thing

Of course a copywriter wants to make sure you’re satisfied with her work. That’s the agreement of any business service. But many clients forget one important thing.

They are not their own customer.

Very often, the business owner is looking at their product or service with the eyes of an owner. They have questions running through their mind such as product availability, service integrity, distribution, payroll, etc.

In other words, they’re focused on a lot of other needs. The customer’s needs sometimes is overlooked.

So when a copywriter delivers to a business owner copy that may not sound as polished as they’d like, they’re reading it from their perspective, as though they’re the potential customer sitting in a boardroom with a committee, checking off what is acceptable and what isn’t.

That’s not reality. Your customer’s reality is wanting a solution to their problem. Not yours.

A Copywriter Should Be Your Customer’s Advocate

A good copywriter knows how to dive back into your market, figure out what your customer needs and then advocate for him. She is the voice of the people, the champion of their cause, the trumpet call that leads them toward action.

Copywriters take an incredible amount of time researching your market because once they understand what the market is frustrated with, what would turn their world upside down and bring joy into their life — then she knows how to sell them your product or service.

A Copywriter Will Ask Other Questions

A good copywriter isn’t just concerned about writing copy that will sell your product or service. She wants to make sure the whole process works in favor of the customer.

This means that copywriters are curious about how you’ll use your copy.

Maybe you’ll feature it not just on your website but in your email campaigns. Or on your blog.

A copywriter will want to know if you’re using the web copy to its fullest advantage. Copy can be repurposed in many ways.

A good copywriter will want to make sure the information that can truly help your customer make a decision is clearly presented and easy to access.

All of these questions are asked with the customer in mind:

  • What are you doing to drive traffic to your website?
  • How are you building your house list?
  • How do you promote your content marketing?
  • What are you doing to stay in touch with your customers?
  • What is your feedback process? Do you have any forms to collect information?

And so on.

A good copywriter ultimately wants to create profitable copy for your business. But in order to do this, she needs to dig deep and get to know your customer. Great copywriters will be totally head-over-heels in love with your customer and will do everything in their power to fight for them.

That’s the kind of copywriter you want.

One who will make you look like the knight in shining armor.


About the author: Mary Rose Maguire

Mary Rose Maguire

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