Why Most Online Businesses Are Failing

If you have an online business then your website is your store front. Your website not only has to promote your products or services, it needs to do much more than just showcase what you sell. It has to engage with your site visitors. It has to educate and inform them. The higher the quality of your product or service, the more you have to lead them into the sale.

Businesses that promote very high valued items or services can forget about trying to sell directly to their customers from a website. The approach has to be very different. In fact it has to be primarily one of education, providing facts and figures, so that the prospect becomes interested and wants to find out more. It has to tease the site visitor right up to the sale.

Professional copywriting is an investment in your business

In all cases, the website content or sales copy has to be of the highest possible quality. It has be unique, compelling and include valuable information. It should “talk” to the website visitor in a friendly, yet persuasive style. You may only get one chance to convert a site visitor to a re-hot lead, so it’s worth investing in copy that works.

Many small business owners tend to write their own copy and this is a big mistake.

There are many websites around littered with spelling and grammatical errors, enough to put off even the most indifferent of potential customers. Using a professional copywriter to create high converting copy is an investment in your business… period!

Best email marketing practices for real success

For those who prefer to market their products or services with email, you would be wise to think hard about how to get your email opened. Everyone receives so much spam email these days how are your emails ever going to stand out? Successful email subject lines are priceless because if they don’t get the email opened then the rest of the copy is totally useless. And it doesn’t stop there…

Even if the email is opened there is no guarantee it will get read, unless you can make the email content interesting, intriguing and educational. This means short punchy sentences with sub headers and bullet points throughout. You’ve only got about 2 or 3 seconds to attract your customer with an email so you have to make the very first sentence count. And then don’t forget the call to action. NEVER try to sell anything in an email. It will never work.

Video voiceover scripts that tell a story

Video marketing is fast becoming the number one choice of marketers everywhere but there’s one big problem. Many videos do not tell a story. People love stories no matter how boring they are. You have to think of your video as a mini film production.

Many TV advertisers have got it right but very few video ads measure up. The main reason is the script, particularly the voiceover script. A professionally written script can increase conversions 10 fold.

It really doesn’t matter what you want to promote by video, the short story works every time. The visual part of the production engages the viewer, which gives you the opportunity to put your message over in a way they will remember. And humor works with video, as does furry animals and small children. Make it memorable and sales will follow.

Don’t sabotage your own success

If you value your business and really want to be successful then hire the best possible copywriter you can find. An experienced direct marketing copywriter can turn your fortunes around.

About the author: Bill Knight


I’m Bill Knight and I’m a freelance copywriter and Internet marketer. My colleagues at Anglox and I, provide copywriting services for business, including direct response copy for web pages. We also produce articles and press releases… and much more. Other services include bespoke web and graphic design and our flagship service is video production, advertising and marketing services for small businesses.

This article was written by Bill Knight