What Is a Copywriter? And What Do You Do?

I’m often asked, oh so you’re a copywriter? So you can help me trademark this right? Or you can protect that for me?

Nope. Afraid not. That’s copyright. I copy-write.

Confused? Well, that’s why people hire me to work for them and be their copywriter. To make sure the right words are used. Because the wrong ones might make you look a bit silly.

Copyright refers to the intellectual property of an idea, a product or some form of content. Copyrighting something means protecting it from wrongful use by another party, and ensures it always belongs to you. There are all kinds of rules and regulations which relate to this, and specialist copyright lawyers regularly make lots of money on such subjects.

That’s not for me. I like a little more excitement and diversity.

And that’s why I do copywriting.  

I write copy. Copy being anything which is written down.

As a copywriter in Manchester, I’ve worked for all kinds of different companies and businesses, big and small, providing some form of written content. I’ve devised and scripted videos for a PR company in America. I’ve written the copy in a luxurious travel brochure for a holiday company in Cheshire. I’ve produced content for brochures and websites on solar energy, kitchen companies, recycling and infra-red heating systems. I’ve blogged for a mole catcher in Shropshire, written about cars for a local business that operates across the North West, and helped small start up businesses across Manchester and England set up fantastic new websites that work for them.

All it takes is a pen and paper. Or a laptop and iPad, depending on how I’m feeling.

Quite a diverse job, I’m sure you’ll agree. Absolutely anything you see that’s written down, is likely to have been provided by a copywriter, or someone who is doing some copy writing. One day, I could be coming with a new slogan or strap line for a business. Another day, I could be writing a product description for something new to the market. The next day, I might be blogging for a customer, mixing their skills with something extremely random, to keep people interested.

When you stop and think about it, there’s an awful lot of stuff that’s written down. The little bit of copy on the back of a cereal box, that article in the paper, that speech you just heard or that massive report you just had to submit.  

Whatever it is, I can help. I might be a copywriter based in Manchester, but words don’t really have any national or international boundaries. They’re important everywhere in the world. So if you need some copy writing on absolutely anything at all, or even if you just want some copy checking over to make sure that it’s right, get in touch, and we’ll see what I can do for you.

About the author: Ben Hampson

ben - profile picBen grew up devouring words. He could read before he could walk. You’ll never find him without something to read by his side: a book; a magazine; a newspaper; a flyer. Absolutely anything. And not far away, there will always be a pen and a notepad.

This article was first published by Ben Hampson