Top Secret Business Income Funnel Revealed

In business, we all experience times of lack and of plenty. When you find yourself looking for a new project because nothing is on your horizon the solution may be as simple as looking internally rather than externally.

We all have heard the stats of differences in the cost of retaining vs. obtaining new customers and clients. So when you have time to do so, touch base with some of your most loyal clients and customers. This is one secret to business growth that many new and even experienced business owners seem to forget. How can you do that?

Think of ways to bring your business or services back to the hearts and minds of your customers and clients. Reach out to your client base whom you haven’t heard from in a while or even your most loyal customers.

Yes, you could offer them a special loyalty bonus or discount. However, if they don’t need your services and your offer has an expiration date—which you, the wise business owner that you are, know you should always include in any offer—your result may not bring you immediate results. Absolutely, it will remind them you are there for them when they need you, but your special discount may not result in a monetary increase.

Oh, and if you go that route, I suggest you share the news in a ‘thank you’ or ‘thinking of you’ card. And definitely make sure you send a ‘real’ card rather than an email. Remember, these are your best and favorite clients, or those you haven’t heard from in a while. So, don’t just send an email, take the time to snail mail your card or note. They deserve at least that much, don’t you agree?

Recently, I found myself with a couple of hours on my hand. So, I decided to revamp the sample images on my design website. As I was clicking the sample images of Facebook headers, I noticed that Facebook had changed the ‘usable’ area of their mastheads. The designs I had on my website no longer looked good on my clients’ Facebook pages!

Rather than getting frustrated, I looked for the opportunity. I could easily have let it go. After all, wouldn’t those clients realize they need to hire me to fix their Facebook headers? But no, I chose to embrace the opportunity for what it was.

First, I updated my Facebook masthead and profile header templates—yes, they are two different-size images. The next step was to adapt the current image to the new template. Once that was done I sent a quick email to the client with their updated header attached with the following message:

Dear ###,

I was refreshing my design website and while visiting your Facebook page I noticed that your masthead needs updating due to Facebook’s changes. So, here is your update, which I am happy to provide to you, my dear friend. If you are ready for a whole new look, we can talk about that as well.

To my delight, I received back from one of my recipients this message:

Hi Ginger,
Thank you! You rock!

And you read my mind. I want to change the page name to ###. And will be ‘entrepreneur’ I guess as the category.

So, I wonder how we could tweak this to be more geared to that, and for all entrepreneurs, not just VAs. And maybe “Success Coach: Mindset, Money, Marketing”. So maybe take out the product graphic and add those words instead “creator of…”?? What do you think?

Also, here’s something: I own ### which right now directs to my about page on ###. I would like to have a one-pager, to start, at that domain, to direct people there, for now. Is that something you could do? I know you can design but can you work behind the scenes at my hosting to stop that redirect and make the about page there just “###”, etc. I have NO idea how to do that which is why it hasn’t been done yet.

I’ve just really been stuck and need to move forward, but am stuck without tech skills.

Well, that’s where I’m at. :-)


Did you catch that? “I’ve just really been stuck and need to move forward…” Not only did I endear myself to Donna, but I also helped her redouble back to a project that she had put on the back burner. Good for her and good for me as well.

A few moments to spare have now created another income from a current client. So, my advice to you … don’t be greedy with your time, talents, and ability. Give and you will gain much more than you ever expected.

This one simple act of ‘good will’ for a select few special clients will always benefit you. At the very least, it will bring positive thoughts about you and your business back to the hearts and minds of your favorite customers and clients.

Even if they don’t need your services right away, they will be reminded of you when others they come in contact with have similar needs. And guess what happens next?! Right, referrals will come your way; which we all know referrals are the best advertisement that can happen in your business.


About the author: Ginger Marks


For nearly 40 years Ginger Marks has owned several businesses including a multi-million dollar surgical clinic and a bar-b-que restaurant. She has won awards for both her publishing company, DocUmeant Publishing, registered in New York City (2012) and her design firm, DocUmeant Designs (2015), as well as being a best-selling author.
In 2009 Ginger wrote the first edition of her book, Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide. Her 2014 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide reached the well-deserved status of the Number Two Best-Seller in the Marketing Category on Amazon. Her 2015 Edition has been awarded the Florida Authors & Publishers Association President’s Award in the Business Category!

This article was first published by Ginger Marks