The Disillusioned Content Writer

5 Sources of  Content Inspiration:

Ironically, not all content writers are….what’s the word….content with their lot. There’s many a content marketer aka passionate writer, who doesn’t want to write with an ulterior motive to generate leads for the Sales team. The key to being a happy content writer is to take satisfaction in the knowledge that you are making a literary impact, writing through provoking content that is inspiring in some meaningful way…and not just for the sole purpose of generating leads. Ideally content marketing reaches out to potential clients who will make your organizations’ portfolio a healthy one. Healthy – meaning robust in both a fiscal aspect and client’s who have public impact and increase corporate mind-share.

Unfortunately, not every content marketer will always feel their work is a literary marvel….and often it may not be. Here are 5 places to look for inspiration when you feel not only writer’s block…but that potential disillusionment with writing catchy ads in the guise of “informative marketing.”

1) Take a nap – Shut your brain off, decompress, don’t DO anything. Just allow yourself to be completely brain dead….or as close to it as possible. Ideally you would sleep  – likely for the prescribed 30 minutes (no longer since lengthy midday naps have been linked to mortality*). If you are however able to sleep, it is amazing what you can come up with if you possess that gift of lucid dreaming – if not, the subconscious mind is still a gold mine of literary ideas.

2) Take a walk – If you’re not one for a midday siesta, go for a walk, preferably somewhere you have never been before. Go outside, do not walk around a gym. Go commune with nature, inhale air that is as close to fresh as is available to you. A change of scenery can do wonder for the writer’s mind.

3) Workout – This is not the same as taking a walk. A walk is a leisurely stroll….through a park perhaps. A workout is a dedicated physical endeavour – an organized routine, for the express purpose of burning calories. When you engage in this behaviour you tire your physical self out – and it is fascinating what your mind is able to do with all those healthy endorphins teaming around your nervous system.

4) Don’t read the news, read a book for pleasure – Many a content marketer has been advised to read the news for inspiration and write about something related to current events, something people can relate to – an article that not only informs the market about a company/service but also possesses valuable news-based information. Often, when you feel “content writer’s block” the last thing you should do is scramble for inspiration. Instead, read something completely unrelated to work – allow yourself to get lost in some verbose adventure…a romance…anything but the news.

5) Do something creative – paint, draw, sing – create anything but writing – Lastly, if you find yourself struggling to manifest that dream of every author – a truly good piece of writing….simply stop writing in that moment. Go design….paint….mould clay….be creative, but in other non-writing-related ways. Try to utilize the other parts of your cerebral cortex that are involved in non-verbal/word based expression. Firstly, it is rewarding to create art of any sort. Secondly, it reminds you of your other creative gifts – an excellent way to defragment your internal hard-drive – and get you back in the content marketing game.


About the author: Sarah Baldeo


With a Bachelor of Science Spec. Hon. in Psychology/Neuroscience from York University, and certifications in HR legislation, marketing, and research ethics. Sarah has an intriguing combination of experience in project management for research and SaaS organizations. After 10 years of professional experience in HCM, Strategy Planning and consulting Sarah maintains an enthusiasm for new methodologies and approaches to Management Sciences. She is the Vice President – Canada at Yandiki Talent in the Cloud. She is also the Principal at Infinite Dynamic Consulting.

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