Struggling to write? Help is at hand!

Struggling to writeStruggling to write? Well, one of the hardest things as a small business owner is trying to write your own marketing material.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I know it can be really frustrating spending hours with the backspace.  So I’ve decided to make it easier, right here and now.


No good copywriter works without a brief and you shouldn’t expect that you can either. So before you hire a copywriter and before you let yourself get frustrated (again) – write your own brief. Then if you don’t like the result of your own efforts, at the worst you have a worthy brief for a professional (but you might like the result, so it’s worth a bit of DIY yeah?!).

Here’s the link to my very brand new how to guide on ‘Giving Good Brief’. It’s short, it includes a template, and it’s entirely free. The feedback so far has been awesome but if you don’t agree – contact us and we’ll make it even better.



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  1. Eder Garza
    Eder Garza says:

    Hello, the link is leading to a 404, could you upload or send me this guide,
    it really interested me.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Lynn Schubert
    Lynn Schubert says:

    Cara, hello from the States! One of the many valuable tips in a previous article by Jessica Swanson (Seven SEO Tips to Ensure Google Finds Your Website) was to use Online Broken Link Checker to find any broken links. Despite being intrigued enough by your article’s title to click through from the initial email, I have not been able to read the entire thing because neither your blog link or “the link” within the article’s intro work! I even tried using a different browser.

    As we copywriters well know, the first challenge is to get “customers” to open the email. The second, to get those remaining to click through to a new web page. The ones who are still around for that stage and read the intro should not be left high and dry as a reward for their diligence. If, however, I am the only one experiencing this issue, I apologize.

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