Software and Tools to Help you Become a Better Copywriter

In recent years, the demand for skilled copywriters has skyrocketed. Particularly with the widespread adoption of the internet by firms to help promote themselves, break into new markets and engage more positively with clients. These days, most firms take a largely proactive approach to their marketing, engaging in everything from social media posts to regular web updates, email campaigns sometimes even blog sites run alongside their main content. Through a combination of increased demand plus improving technology and far faster connection speeds, it’s now possible for anyone with the relevant skills and experience to set up as a copywriter. Indeed, more forward-thinking companies these days are perfectly happy to engage the services of freelancers for everything from IT and accounts through to writing engaging copy that sparks interest. Here are some software and tools to help you become a better copywriter.

The Coronavirus Effect

Part and parcel of this widespread shift to employing third-party staff were brought on by the recent Coronavirus. As well as the increasing awareness on the part of firms that their employees don’t need to necessarily all work under the same roof. The lockdown and distancing restrictions that were imposed through the pandemic made companies more agile and accepting of the idea of remote workers. Even those they didn’t directly employ. In its own small way, COVID has played a huge part in the rise in demand for freelance workers.

Setting Up as a Copywriter 101 – Get a Website

As a start point, you’re going to need to have a portfolio of previous work to prove your skills. Ideally performed for larger, more famous companies across a wide range of industries. As a starter, you should look to establish a web presence where you can showcase this work.

Modern blogging software is more than achievable for most freelance copywriters and will allow you to post your best and most relevant content. The days of having to engage the services of a professional web development company are long gone. Now, web-builder platforms like Wix, Weebly or GoDaddy could see you up and running in mere hours.

Alternatively, you might want to establish a WordPress (WP) site. This can offer considerably more flexibility in terms of the type and variety of content you can post using WP’s excellent range of templates and plugins.

Whichever option you choose, you should bear in mind the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Indeed, you should spend any budget you have available for your website on SEO and marketing services.

The All-important Content Writing Software

Most writers these days are comfortable using word processing applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But depending on your machine, it may already come shipped with alternative software such as Apple’s Pages. However, what many aspiring copywriters aren’t aware of is the multiple extensions that are available for these programs.

For example, while Microsoft’s Word in-built spellchecker will pick up glaring errors. Adding an extension like the Grammarly program does a vastly superior job at finding problem text. It will even make suggestions to improve your writing.

Grammarly’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) also goes one step further and attempts to ‘read’ your content, much like a human user. This in turn allows the app to understand how your prose might sound to your audience.

Getting Content to your Customers – or Working Collaboratively

In today’s uber-connected world, most companies are making the jump to cloud technologies that can hugely improve online collaborative working. Whether you’re working alone and just want an easy way to send documents to clients for review. Or you are looking to work more collaboratively with other writers, Microsoft’s excellent Teams app could provide the best solution.

As a bonus, all your work is backed-up on cloud servers, avoiding potentially distressing data loss. Companies like have extensive experience of working with firms big and small and could advise on a solution that best fits your way of working.

The Importance of Grabbing Attention with Compelling Headlines

Spending time crafting your headline to be as concise yet engaging as possible can mean the difference between a viewer exploring further or simply skipping past your content. Remember, firms are paying you to embolden their image. Your job is to find ways to portray their underlying message and to write attention-grabbing headlines.

Thankfully with today’s considerable advances in AI, there are multiple tools available. Either as standalone software, online tools or add-ons for established word processing editors. Search Google for more information and options.

Tools to Help with Client Conversion

Copywriting can cover a hugely diverse range of areas. Everything from crafting simple PR releases and website updates right through to product descriptions to aid sales. If you’re to stand the best chance of converting a client from merely a site visitor into a bona fide customer, you need to spend time writing the most descriptive and exciting content possible.

Again, this can seem a little daunting and a bit like guesswork when you’re first starting. However, there is software available that can help. Companies like Sony and Jabra use the excellent Convert app. This app provides extensive testing and experiments specifically designed to test how engaging your content proves to be for potential clients.

Go to the Source and Use Google Optimize

Google is the world’s largest and most successful search engine for more than 92% of all search engine-generated traffic. The engine processes over 8.5 billion search requests per day – so you can be sure, if you want to drive footfall to your site, having it well ranked on the Google platform is essential (remember, your clients will also be checking the relative success of your text).

The Google Optimize online tool allows you to improve your content under the search terms and phrases used by people looking for your particular text. Also, as it is natively contained within the company’s other SEO tool, Google Analytics, you’ll be able to get a better site-wide impression of the success of your additional texts.

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