The Best Roles That a Freelancer Could Take On

There are a number of people who are interested in getting involved in being a freelancer thanks to the benefits that come with doing so, especially the freelancer roles that are in demand. Some of the benefits that apply when you take up work as a freelancer include but aren’t limited to:

  • More freedom with the work you do and your schedule
  • Your hours become a lot more flexible
  • Self-management
  • You can be totally flexible in where you work
  • You have control over your compensation and your earnings
  • You can improve your skill set
  • You have the freedom to test an idea you have for a small business or a start-up

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer, then you might be thinking about what some of the best roles out there for you to do are. A lot of these roles don’t come easy, and you might find you need to do some training in order to properly establish yourself within the industry but this is something that will certainly pay off in the long run. Below, we will talk in more detail about some of the best roles you could take on as a freelancer.


There is plenty of work out there for accountants as when a small business gets started, a lot of organizations are not happy with the idea of having to manage their own accounts. The risk of mistakes and messing up and costing your organization money because of that is enough to make any organization justify seeking the assistance of an accountant. As such, if you can qualify and establish yourself as a trustworthy source, then you are guaranteeing yourself success as a freelancer.

As an accountant, you will be responsible for maintaining physical records and recording financial transactions for a business. You are also going to need to handle ledger accounts, work on different balance sheets and P&L statements and you will have to create financial reports for a number of duties too. If you can work as an accountant on a freelance basis then you will be earning on average $65-85 per hour.


As technology develops, our overall reliance on it in both our professional and personal lives increases. As such, there is a lot of work out there for coders when an individual’s or businesses’ technology stops working or they would like changes made to the systems they implement or their website as a whole. If you have knowledge of coding or would like to learn, then in doing so can open up a number of different prospects for you and your business.

You can learn more about different coding languages and the way technology works by signing up for code classes. In doing this you are going to be able to stay on top of change within the industry and continue expanding your knowledge when it comes to coding.


The pay for a copywriter is similar to that of an accountant and as such, if you do well with it then you are going to be able to make a good living from it. A lot of businesses reach out for a copywriter because when you are particularly close to a project, it becomes very difficult knowing how to put into words what you want to say, but that isn’t biased and that you’re happy with. Getting an external voice in will be the best way to do this and so people reach out to copywriters.

Not only this but businesses will look out for copywriters for advertising and marketing purposes too. They will be asked to write different forms of copy, emails, articles, eBooks, newsletters and pamphlets. If you want to do this then you should have a knowledge of SEO and get a strong portfolio behind you that you can flaunt to different businesses when looking for work.

Graphic Designer

Having a good website these days is imperative for businesses, it is no longer simply an option. This means there are a lot of different websites out there, so when a business is making theirs, they want it to be one which stands out amongst the crowd. This is why so many people from different businesses contract graphic designers so that they can create designs for their website which will stand out amongst the array of competition that you tend to have online.

Chances are you will need to have a few years of experience and a good portfolio behind you before you can secure high-paying freelance jobs. The role is imperative when it comes to the creation of art, ads, packaging and websites. When you get work as a graphic designer you should be able to make around £35 an hour, sometimes even more.


Thanks to the large growth in online education that was facilitated by the pandemic, more people use eLearning platforms than previously. Therefore, professors are able to find high-paying freelance jobs working for different learning platforms. A large number of the roles in question are virtual which means that they can be done with all of the different benefits that come with being a freelancer. Becoming a professor is certainly the hardest qualification needed on this list but if done right it can be well worth it. They will usually need a master’s degree and have to have the ability to plan a curriculum for their course, support their pupils and assess different student programs.



There are a number of huge benefits that come with becoming a freelancer and these include but are not limited to the fact that you can plan your own schedule, work from wherever and have excellent earning capacity. If you would like to start freelancing, then there are a number of different jobs you can learn that will allow you to do so. Those listed above are just some examples of jobs that you could undertake as a freelancer, in reality, if you have a certain skill, it is likely that there will be people out there wanting to hire you.


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