Record number of people joining in February

Record number of people joining in FebruaryCARLOS DE JAVIER, Spanish Art Director
As Stefan Sagemaister says “Style is fart”. I think the same. For me art direction and design is not understandable without a great concept behind. Every concept has an ideal form to be explained. That’s why I always try to work from a big concept. This is my way of working and what allows me to attack very different projects. This is the way I’ve always done.
Como stefan sagemaister dice “style is fart”. Yo creo lo mismo. Para mí la dirección de arte y el diseño no se entiende sin un gran concepto detrás.
Cada concepto tiene una forma ideal para ser explicado. Así, yo siempre intento trabajar desde un gran concepto. Esa es mi manera de trabajar y la que me permite acometer proyectos tan diferentes entre sí. Es lo único que siempre he hecho.

Record number of people joining in February
GERRIT KLEINFELD, German Copywriter

Record number of people joining in FebruaryARMINDA CARBONELL, Spanish Art Director

Record number of people joining in FebruarySERGIO BALLANTI, Italian Copywriter
Motivated and highly creative copywriter (Swiss-born and English speaking) constantly seeks new challenges.

Record number of people joining in FebruarySIMON CARBERY, British Copywriter
Trained at Y&R; and Saatchi & Saatchi London; Head of copy/Creative Director Lowe; subsequently advertising freelance worldwide, now working for ad agencies and clients on major advertising projects, as well as integrated and digital projects. Awards include New York One Show gold, Cannes silver Lion, BTA silver arrow, 6 campaign silver awards etc etc. D&AD; juror 1997, 99.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryIAN FRANKS, British Copywriter

I was born in London of a Scottish father and an Italian mother, then, as a small child, moved to Chile. At the age of ten, I was sent to boarding school in England (Dover College) which was followed by art school where I studied Graphic Design and photography. Thereafter, came several years in the London ad business, followed by several more all over Europe, from Milan to Warsaw. My hobbies are my children, photography and sport.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryMICHAEL HAVNERAAS, British Copywriter

My CV contains twists and turns that make it look like the employment history of a novelist. But instead of writing novels I’ve become adept at following the brief wherever it needs to go. Whether writing above or below the line I try to combine just two ingredients, clarity and originality, on the way to copy perfection.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryGLENN GOODWIN, British Designer

Hello I’m a well travelled, experienced, fun, flexible, advertising art director turned designer, who can easily work across most mediums, from Packaging through to art direction commercials.
I have managed teams of creatives, and having been freelance for a few years can adapt to creative environments easily through my friendly and pleasant manor.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryJEREMY VEITCH, British Copywriter
Jeremy’s passport makes interesting reading. It’s an Irish passport, yet he was born in Hong Kong, grew up in the UK, began work in London and a host of those black, inky, circular stamps tell of the last twelve years based mostly in South Africa as well as stints in other interesting places. This could well have provided the basis for a well earned mid-life identity crisis but Veitch claims his rootlessness makes it easier to assimilate other cultures and focus on the common human truths which drive concepts. Back to the passport. Prematurely whitening hair (Jeremy is 43) in the spectacularly appallingevenbypassportphotostandards, photograph point to hours of mental suomo in the cause of better ideas. Sanity has prevailed (so far) due to a natural curiousity about life and an unnaturally wicked sense of humour.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryBILL THOMPSON, British Art Director

I’ve spent over 30 years being an art director, creative director and agency partner. I’ve worked at large agencies, small agencies and my own agency (which we sold to BDDP). Doing the ads is still the best bit of the job – which is why I’m doing what I’m doing now.
Whilst doing it my work has won 3 D&AD; silvers, a Campaign Press Gold and 3 Silvers, Several Golds and many Silvers at the British TV Awards, 2 Premiers at Kinsale, Silvers and Bronzes at Cannes and 2 Silvers from the New York Art Directors’ Club.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryGUIDO ROLANDO, Italian Copywriter
There are two things that I’m able to do well in my life; one is writing, the other is playing music. So I’m happy to earn my living in these two manners. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 1995 and I don’t have any regrets for my choice. I love to work with funny and curios people. I play Saxophone in a band with my seven friends. Maybe I’m a child that doesn’t want to grow up, but I wish falling in love from life. And in the last years it has not been easy in my country, but I’m a fighter.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryANDREA D’AMBROSIO, Italian Copywriter

Nice, intelligent, versatile, beautiful…Hoops, I’m sorry, that’s my profile according to my absolutely-impartial grandmother’s point of view. To be more objective, I would describe my life and work background as a calibrate mixture of linguistic and scientific passions. The first component provides the driving force for writing, reading, playing with words and connecting with people, whereas the second element represents the key to understand the thoughts that (should) guide writers, the brains that (should) make readings understandable, the chemicals beyond puns and the rules without which connecting rhymes with rejecting. Do I need to be more advertising-oriented? If you have an idea, I
have the words to make the best of it!

Record number of people joining in February TORBEN RAUN, Danish Photographer
I am a photographer that tries to create instead of copying other people’s work. My photography centers around people as they are a never-ending source of inspiration. I have a strong interest in fashion, design, commerciality, humour and reportage in photography and refuse to let myself be put into a box, I believe in defying conventions, mixing up styles, and further do I believe that art should be provocative in every sense of the word as opposed to causing no reaction at all.

Record number of people joining in FebruaryGRY HOLST EHCWALD, Danish Art Director

I love new experiences and challenges. I like to keep my self busy learning new stuff. I love my work and I´m very dedicated and hardworking. I want to make the best of it!

Record number of people joining in FebruaryNADJA DACHO-HYDE, German copywriter
“The tough school of the very biggest made me strong in conception. In all disciplines. In my time as copywriter and latter as Creative Director, I was responsible for major international brands. As a result, an idea to me is only good when it comes from the brand. That’s why I toil endlessly until it’s born. And I enjoy it. Because without fun creativity isn’t possible anyway.”