Message in a bottle

Let’s face it, there are some creative thinkers out there and I’m a big fan of clever twists and plays on words, especially for media and marketing messages.

Take the short, sharp statement above (spotted on the IFL Science Facebook page). Creative wordsmithing, or what!

Which begs the question:

Are your organisation’s key messages cutting through? (as we say in the trade)

Maybe they are, and comfortably so.

But how much more impact would they have if you crafted more creative, edgy ways of saying what you really want?

How much more influence and share-of-voice would your brand or business have in the market?

Here’s another example – two, in fact – of thought-provoking messages in this brand video, ‘Champions‘, produced by education-to-employment company Acquire Learning [disclaimer: I currently consult to the company].

Acquire rises by lifting others” (3 seconds in)

The question isn’t ‘Who is going to let you?’, it’s ‘Who is going to stop you?’ (35 seconds in)

Of course, none of this is new thinking. Creative copywriting has been practiced by marketers for ages.

But savvy key message development must be a critical part of your communication strategy (internal and external). Further, amid the digital white noise and information overload of the internet, cutting through has never been more challenging nor critical an objective.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

As much as we now live and work in an age of information saturation, brands, business owners, marketers and communicators alike can make life easier by tapping into emotion in even more spades. After all, business is now truly, unavoidably, intoxicatingly human and social.

Messages that stop people in their tracks, tap into their emotions and genuinely capture their imagination, stand a greater chance of attracting and converting potential new brand advocates.

I’d like to hear what you think and what crafty, creative messages you think work. Please drop them in comments below, or tweet me @simonmossman


About the author: Simon Mossman

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  1. Xerxes Aga
    Xerxes Aga says:

    Adapting the IFL Science Facebook page at the beginning of your blog could make a message from the AA.

    “According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution.
    Too much of the solution is a problem.”

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