Medical Copywriter – How to FOCUS Your Message

There’s no doubt about it. Medical marketing comes with a pretty unique set of challenges. That’s because every word you write falls under the scrutiny of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), state agencies and your own regulatory and legal consultants.

In a recent post I addressed the challenge of writing strong copy when you can’t say much of anything about your product. However, the flip side of this coin can be just as demanding.

How do you keep your copy tight and concise when you can say a lot?

If you have a medical device that’s received PMA approval from the FDA, you may have a binder full of marketing claims you can make about your product that are supported by clinical evidence.

This is a great position in which to be, but it comes with potential challenges.

The most obvious is the temptation to write medical marketing materials that are loaded with product benefits. Taking this approach is a mistake because you can end up creating marketing content that is cluttered with scrambled and overlapping messages.

Physicians are very busy people. When you try to tell them too much at once, they often end up remembering nothing. When you have a multitude of product benefits, it’s wise to remember this key point:

For prospects to focus on your message, your message must be focused.

When you have a lot you can say, keep it simple and focus your messaging on what is really important to your prospects, which is not necessarily what’s important to you.

Knowing what stimulates physicians in your market segment requires research. This can be accomplished through surveys, or it can be as simple as getting feedback from sales team members who interact daily with your target market.

For example, during my 20+ year medical marketing career I’ve found that…

  • Nephrologists are into numbers and statistics
  • Plastic surgeons think of themselves as body sculptors
  • Ophthalmologists place great value on operating room efficiencies

So always take the time to find out what makes your physician target tick.

This will help you identify two to three primary benefits that mean the most to your prospects. Then you’ll be in a great position to make them the tent pole benefits that become the focus of your marketing campaign.

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