Martin Schenderling: Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer and Wanderer

Martin is a designer and DTPer with 32 years experience. He is old school, in a good way. Book him for all types of print materials./caption]
After high school at Academy Artibus in Utrecht, Amsterdam based Freelance Graphic Designer Martin completed the five-year program Publicity Design / Graphic Design with success in 1972. Then, in an attempt to ‘go back to nature’ he lived and worked in Makkum , Friesland.
“In that period I worked at Royal Tichelaar Makkum as a painter with painting, in production, of tiles, vases and trays. But despite the beautiful scenery and the quiet life I wanted more action so in 1976 I decided to make a sharp turn and moved to Amsterdam.”
“End of 1980, after wandering around through employment agencies etc., I decided to start as a freelance graphic designer, which I still am until now. But I also love spending some time being an artist painting, graphics, facilities/structures, soundcollages, writings and more. Whether the last activities ever become a success I do not know, we have to see. Ideas nevertheless stubbornly intrude on me, which means that least enough remains to be done.
Too bad that a day only lasts 24 hours a day and life can only be lived once!”
Academy of Art Artibus in Utrecht from 1967 – 1972, Department Publicity Design / Graphic Design.
Freelance graphic designer since 1980. Lives and works in Amsterdam.
Since 1980 I have provide my services as a freelance designer to a wide variety of agencies, studios and institutions. Literally from the (then used) drawing table to the Mac Pro and also co- creating and developing studios and offices.
Concept, design, presentation, desktop publishing, converting dtp files into print-ready files (open or as Certified PDF ) and image processing (Photoshop) are familiar to me. Creation / design of logos, folders, flyers, brochures, newsletters, programs , stationeries, posters, banners , presentations, Joomla websites, flash animation, web banners etc. is like a piece of cake for me.
In my (home) studio space I have Mac devices, Adobe CS software etc. to be able to do different assignments.
Of course I am also willing to work onsite, direct/short lines are, especially during ongoing projects, more efficient.
Ars Longa, Vita Brevis