You can make a lot of money with an experienced finance copywriter

Of all the fields of expertise within copywriting, financial services are among the most challenging. It requires the ability to explain complex matters in simple terms and using as little jargon as possible. So that the information and the product’s message is communicated effectively. Many people dread having to write a financial text but a finance copywriter enjoys nothing more.

An extensive sector

Within the financial sector, we come across various companies and organisations. From banks, insurers and pension funds to asset managers, accountancy firms and the Dutch Central Bank. From enormous institutions such as the Tax Authorities or the Ministry of Finance to start-ups where you can invest with an app or do your bookkeeping.

The similarity is that it is often about complex matters that need to be explained well. And that accuracy is of the utmost importance. After all, if there is one wrong figure in an annual report or prospectus, it can have major financial and legal consequences.

Making stories out of figures

A finance copywriter understands the figures and can turn them into a logical and smooth-running story. Whether it’s blogs, websites, brochures or any other content. The trick is to make the reader understand what the numbers mean. This can be in with a neutral tone, as in an annual report, or in a commercial way, as in a brochure about an investment project.

A finance copywriter understands the figures and turns them into a logical story.

A finance copywriter switches quickly from one tone of voice to another. From one target group to another. One moment could be about informing and the next could be about selling.

Financial legislation and regulations

It goes without saying that the financial sector has many laws and regulations. It often involves risky, business-sensitive or even secret information. Whoever writes texts for this sector must therefore be well informed about all laws and regulations.

Of course, a copywriter is not a lawyer, but he is fully aware of the importance of clear language when it comes to the legal side of things and will ensure that the texts meet the legal requirements.

Texts must be clear and honest, without being misleading in any way.

Each sentence must be tangible and accurate, with no margin for error. A good financial copywriter is able to do all these things and deliver quality content consistently.

Editing and correcting

What financial copywriters do more than other specialised copywriters is editing and correcting texts? After all, financial content is often written by CFOs, accountants, tax specialists or other financial expatriates. Each to their own profession. So to make such texts accessible to a wider audience, the copywriter edits and corrects the text.

Personal finance

Personal finance or estate planning is a relatively new area within the financial sector. In recent decades, consumers have started using more and more complex financial products. An investment mortgage is one example. Speaking of mortgages, today there are countless variants, each with its own pros and cons. Only very clear texts ensure that people can make a good choice.

Clear copy helps people make a wise choice

The number of homeowners has increased significantly, as has the surplus value on their homes. Dangerous situations arose, where people started to invest with the surplus-value and saw their returns evaporate during an economic crisis. From over-value to debt. Clear copy can help people make a wise choice.

Borrowing money costs money

Many people are still taking out loans. Consumer credit, for example, to finance a car, a boat or a new kitchen. When it comes to texts, there is always an area of tension. A commercial party wants to sell loans, while the consumer must be well informed about the risks.

Emotion and reason engage in a battle. We really want that new kitchen, but can we afford it? The monthly repayments don’t seem too bad but at the end of the day, it’s still an expensive kitchen because you pay a lot of interest on your loan. Borrowing money costs money. A good example of a clear sentence, written by a copywriter who knew what he wanted to convey.

Money and happiness

You could even say that a financial copywriter has a big responsibility. Money has an important place in our lives. Your relationship, your job, your house, your children, your old age: money plays a role everywhere. For many people money is stressful. They live from payslip to payslip and do not build up any reserves. That is why money has a big influence on your happiness.

People want to be financially stable. They want to be able to afford a house. Be able to save for their retirement. Go on holiday without having to take out a loan. The financial copywriter’s task is to outline the possibilities, the risks and the consequences.

Anything but boring

The big prejudice is that financial texts are dry, boring and sleep-inducing.

Indeed, there are many texts that are written that way. But there’s no need for that. Financial texts about complex issues can also be written in a lively way. So that people are moved and take action.

Convincing figures

In the financial sector, you want to convince yourself with figures. But this applies just as much to marketing communications. Finance copywriters like to see the figures that show how their texts are scoring. How often is a blog read and how long do people stay on a website? How often is the buy button pressed? Because here, too, it’s all about the result.

In short, do you want to prevent financial mistakes or sell any financial products? With an experienced finance copywriter you will quickly earn back your investment!

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