Copywriting competition – Let’s Have A Laugh

The Copywriting Competition, Let’s Have A Laugh is now closed and we have announced a shortlist of 6 entries.

A huge thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the shortlisted entrants.
Please click on the link below and vote for your favourite, voting closes on Monday 19th October and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 20th

It’s competition time again and this month’s challenge is titled: Let’s Have A Laugh
We all enjoy a good laugh and let’s be honest, it’s probably the best “cure all” tonic available, so, we decided to take a lighthearted theme for this months competition and showcase the budding comedians among you.
We are looking for a caption to accompany the photograph above.
It must be humorous and reasonably clean. Remember our posts go out before the 9 o’clock watershed!
The Grand Prize
This month we will be giving the lucky, sorry talented, winner The Essential George Orwell Boxed Set.
We’re also running a Copywriter of the Year competition, with cash prizes, and the winner will automatically be entered into it.
Rules of the ‘Lets Have A Laugh’ copywriting competition
You can enter as many times as you like – but every entry must be your own work. We will ‘Google test’ entries by running them through the search engine to see if the caption has been used elsewhere.
Closing date
The closing date is the 13/10/2015, so you have until then to post your entry.
We will then make a selection of the top three and post them on our social media channels (Twitter, FB and Linkedin). Whichever entry gets the most likes/retweets/comments within a week wins.
How to enter?
It’s easy, just scroll down to the comments box below and type in your entry. Post your personal details as well so we can contact you and link to you at the end if you win. You can also comment on other people’s entries if you like their ideas.
Get your thinking caps on, let the creative juices flow and good luck.

98 replies
  1. Earl Hunt
    Earl Hunt says:

    Pssst, Henry. I on’t-day ink-thay is-thay is a oodcarving-way.
    Henry. HENRY! Did you just hear a ‘whooshing’ sound behind us?
    Oh, like YOU blend.
    What do you mean ‘Who?’ I told you Mildred told me about this place.
    “It’s rent-cap housing,” they said. “It’s a diverse neighborhood,” they said.

  2. Gayle Gallagher
    Gayle Gallagher says:

    After Myrtle had her cataract surgery, she could clearly see that two of her children were nutty.

  3. Gayle Gallagher
    Gayle Gallagher says:

    (Sung to the tune made popular by the Pointer Sisters)
    “We are family! I have my foul and rodents with me!

  4. Christophe Delaplanche
    Christophe Delaplanche says:

    Agitated royal family tree :
    Diana’s nuts about Al Fayed,
    Charles teases Bowles,
    William lays twins,
    Harry dresses as a Nazi,
    while the old owl takes root.

  5. Iam Suryawinata
    Iam Suryawinata says:

    this is what will happen if you drink too much, you’ll never know who’s coming up into your room

  6. Jake
    Jake says:

    This is Oscar to Nutcracker…Mother Bird has not flown the coop, I repeat Mother Bird has not flown the coop. Over!

  7. Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly says:

    1. If these squirrels don’t leave soon I’m gonna go nuts!
    2. Bloody Squirrels, coming here, taking our jobs, our women, and our nests.
    3. Owl be glad to see the back on these squirrels
    4. When you two are gone, owl miss you.

  8. Josh Fahey
    Josh Fahey says:

    Jerry knew. Heck, the whole forest knew! Those kids looked just like the acorn man. But they raised them as their own. Jerry never said a word. And neither did she.

  9. Sarah Graybill
    Sarah Graybill says:

    “Oh hey, neighbors! When is winter hibernation again?”
    “I hate fall.”
    “Oh, stop. We were separated.”
    “‘Let’s foster-parent’, he said…’We have PLENTY of room,’ he said…”
    “Honey….I know what you did last summer.”
    “I should have gone back to work.”
    “You know what they say: Squirrels of a feather…”
    “What do you mean, ‘they don’t look like’ you?”
    “It takes a village…”

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