Is a copywriter the missing link in your marketing chain?

Hire a copywriter on a monthly basis: Save money and get better results

No company would hire an accountant on an ad hoc basis, or get a different one every month to do their accounts. So why should it be different with copywriting? If you regularly need a freelance writer, subscribing to a set number of hours each month can bring a lot of major benefits to your company.

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Better value for money

By guaranteeing the copywriter a certain number of hours each month, we can offer you a discount on the regular freelance rates. So you get the same top copy for significantly less per hour.

More convenience
Guaranteed availability of the copywriter of your choice each month. So there’s no last-minute panic when a job comes in and you need a copywriter on board. And no need to get to know a new writer every time.

marketing chain

Work better with your writer
When you work with the same writer each month you’ll develop a close working relationship with one another. And, apart from understanding each other; needs and expectations better, you’ll get a more consistent writing style in every job you do.

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